Hey Nail Enthusiasts!
I recently picked up this pretty color by

OPI – DS Extravagance

(the DS stands for Designer Series) and I had to share! OPI-Extravagance
But first the quirky part is how i found this striking color.
Well.. a few weeks ago when the entire northeast was instructed by local officials to start preparing for storm “Nemo”  I knew I had to go shopping.  Like most, I was thinking…  YES!! An unexpected 4 DAY WEEKEND  Wooo Hooo!!  So in preparations for this snowpocalypse I had to stock up on some essentials.

Most hit the grocery stores.. cleaning out the shelves.   I on the other hand had a much better agenda before hitting the grocery store (which was actually the morning of the storm) 😉

I left work a little early on Wednesday.. of course my excuse was that I had to “Prepare to Prepare For The Storm. 😉
I figured.. if I was gonna be stuck in the house for 4 days… why not go on a nail painting binge!  So, that’s what I did.. I ended up buying about 6 different nail polishes.  My boyfriend thought I was crazy… he said.. what are you gonna do? Paint each nail a different color?.. Of course my  reply was “Yeah! Why Not? That’s a Great Idea and when I’m done with my nails I’ll paint yours!” Hindsight, I think he was more concerned with being asphyxiated by the smell!! But at the end of it all he survived and I renewed my passion for painting! A WIN, WIN in my book!

So there you have it.  My little adventure prior to Storm Nemo.  When everyone else was buying water, canned goods & bread.. I was stocking up on polishes.   A girl can never have enough polishes!

So my review on this snazzy color
OPI – DS Extravagance
5 Stars ★★★★★

It’s a 2 coat polish and can easily be worn with or without a top coat.  This time I actually used my OPI- Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops instead of my dry fast polish and they look great.  I painted my thumb with Seche Vite just to see how it would look and it looks great too… it gives it a more glossy finish almost appearing like jelly.
This time i preferred the Drops to the dry fast  polish just cause I didn’t want that jelly look, but either way is great!
I plan on painting a black tip next.  I think that would look really sharp.  If it turns out how i’m hoping I’ll post it on my next blog.

Happy Painting All!!

♥  🙂  ♥