This is my 3rd week & I just can’t get enough of  this incredible polish!  Normally I will get bored & make a change 2 or 3 times a week but not with this color…. I just love the way it looks.

First off… I was surprised to see that Mariah Carey has now dove into nail lacquers but hey.. I guess she has the authority, I mean.. her hit movie “Glitter” was a box office smash! jk ;).

Okay… enough about her… back to business… so looking past the fact that OPI has put out a Mariah Carey Collection this group actually ROCKS!  (no pun intended )
There are 4 Liquid Sand Lacquers and they wear exactly how the name states.  LIQUID SAND!!

Stay the Night – OPI Liquid Sand

Once this polish dry’s it leaves a cool gritty matte finish almost taking on a subtle appearance of black sand with magical red iridescent sparkles.  I can’t get enough of how the red flecks in the polish reflect every time i move my fingers.  It’s really cool and wears phenomenally.  It lasted me 5 days without chipping and I am very rough on my hands.  You don’t need a top coat with this polish.  It dries fairly quick, but make sure you use 2 coats.  It glides on with a liquid consistency and dry’s hard like sand.  OPI definitly hit the mark with this one!

LiquidSand-StaytheNightLiquid Sand Colors- OPI
1. Get Your Number – Blue
2. Can’t Let Go – Purple
3. The Impossible – Red
4. Stay The Night – Black w/ Red Flecks (shown)

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