“How To” Ombre Nails

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Ombre Nail Right Hand

“How To” Ombre Nails

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Hello Nail Enthusiasts!

Here’s an easy “How To” tutorial on creating a cool ombre effect on your trendy nail!

In this look I wanted to create a subtle yet sparkly ombre over a natural nail.
Follow these simple and easy steps to create your own ombre nail pattern.

Ombre Nail Right Hand


Ombre Nails

Ombre Nail Left

Here’s how to get the look!


  1. Cosmetic Sponge
  2. Clear Base Coat – “First Base base coat” by Essie
  3. Base Color – “Bubble Bath” by OPI
  4. Ombre Color – Designer Series “Classic” by OPI
  5. Solid Pink – Designer Series “Radiance” by OPI
  6. Quick Dry Top Coat – “Good to Go” by Essie

** Clean Up – Remove the excess polish by using polish remover & clean around the edges.

BUY Online:  All of the products mentioned above can be purchased at either Ulta Beauty, Amazon or Hair Care USA.
The entire Designer Series by OPI can be purchased at Hair Care USA.  Click the links for shopping info.

FYI: OPI Designer Series polishes are FABULOUS!  They have a thicker brush and apply smooth and evenly after the first coat.  These are OPI’s higher end line of professional nail lacquers.

Nail Polish for Ombre Nails

Cosmetic Sponge

Add 1 stripe of your lighter color and
1 stripe of your darker color to the cosmetic sponge.

Apply your ombre Roll the sponge onto your nail with medium pressure.








Carefully lift off the sponge from your nail.  Sometimes a 2nd application is required when using lighter shades.

Once you’ve achieved the look add 1 coat of quick dry top coat & clean up the excess polish with a Q-tip and some polish remover.


It’s that simple!!




Check out my instructable on “How To” Create  Simple Ombre Nails

I’d love to hear from you!  Let me know your thoughts on my simple ombre trendy nail!


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