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manis and muscles apparel


manis and muscles apparel

Hey there nail and beauty enthusiasts!

I’m really excited to share with you the launch of my new “Manis and Muscles” Apparel Line!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now and it’s finally coming to fruition!

Here’s how it all started.
In 2014 i started blogging about nails, specifically simple ways to dress your naked nails!  At the same time i started blogging i also began my journey as a competitive, amateur powerlifter.  As time progressed so did my love for manis and lifting.  Excited about this journey I gradually began integrating my powerlifting posts on my Instagram page @thetrendynail.
I was definitely a little nervous how some might take the mix of the two, since they’re polar opposites!  I mean, the idea behind powerlifting is that it’s not a fashion show.  It’s not about how you look, it’s about how much weight you can move in the big 3 lifts: Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift.
So, with that being said… fast forward a few years and a bunch of lifting videos and manicure tutorials later, I finally decided to takeover my @thetrendynail Instagram page and convert it to @manis_and_muscles.  Again, another change that concerned me just ’cause i didn’t want to confuse people, since I’ve been known as @thetrendynail.  At the same time, i also thought this would be the best way to integrate my 2 favorite worlds  —> Manis and Muscles!
Still trying to figure out exactly where Manis and Muscles  would fit within The Trendy Nail scheme, a light bulb went off and my apparel line was born!

Now of course i’ll be starting off small and i definitely have a few designs in mind that will gear towards my female powerlifting community.   But what a great way to empower women and promote a sport that’s been pretty much known as the down and dirty, basement, garage gym sport.  Still not glamorous but who’s to say you can’t be both?!
I’m all about empowering women and encouraging people to be proud of who they are.  I myself love dressing up and getting my glam on, just as much as I love working my ass off lifting heavy shit, in a dirty ass gym, zoning out to the hardest metal music i can find!  (Mind you i grew up listening to top 40, begging my parents to let me go see George Michael. …Not to mention my 2 favorite artists are Rhianna and Beyonce lmao!)

So, yes… you can do both and be both!

manis and muscles logo

This badass chic is my logo.  She will be represented on everything i do with regards to Manis and Muscles!  I illustrated her and I personally feel like she embodies everything i am and everything i want to be!  I hope you all love her & the pieces just as much as i do!  My goal is to keep my line affordable gearing towards ladies fashion, starting with tees, tanks, long sleeves, crop tops & raglans.  All of the illustrations are designed by me and i own the rights to everything i put out.  All of the clothes and printing will be Made in the USA.

Everything will be sportswear driven… so ladies i hope you rock your tees & tanks in the gym and show your support for Manis & Muscles!

Stay tuned for my launch date (sometime within the next week) by subscribing to my blog here and following me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


New Facebook Page: @manisandmusclesapparel

Thanks again guys and girls for all your continued support!
xo – Holly

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  1. Kim Singer Lieberman says:

    Awesome Sis!! So proud of you!!! Can’t wait to rock the tank I. SOFLA!

  2. Drew Cost says:

    Proud to be your friend!

    • Holly says:

      Thank you so much for all your support!! #conquerfitnessunited



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