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Neon Collection by Essie as seen on


Essie Neon 2014 Collection

Totally 80’s Chic!
Introducing 6 super bright & cheery polishes from Essie’s recently launched Neon Collection for 2014!
Here’s a look at each color and my personal review of the entire collection.



I absolutely adore every color in this collection.  Each can be worn with a shiny top coat or a matte top coat.  The last 3 on the list: Vices Versa, Serial Shopper and Sittin Pretty require 3 coats of polish for full coverage.  These neon shades dry with a matte finish, so topping off your nails with a glossy top coat will give you that shiny pop!  Some even suggest by starting off with a white base coat will bring out the bright neon in all of the colors.
In my swatches below I simply used a clear base coat and the polish color and had no problem getting each shade to pop!  Another plus to the collection is that each color is easy to apply.  It was hard to find a fault in any of the colors.
As far as nail art goes… combining colors from the neon collection is a must try!  I even think this collection will be great for creating plaids because of the sheerness you can get from almost all the colors.

Each polish retails for $8.50

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too taboo

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florescent fushia berry

Too Taboo is one of my favorite colors from this collection!  Super easy to apply with each stroke the color applies evenly and only requires 2 coats for full coverage.  Even if you add a 3rd coat the color will not clump.  A definite mani/pedi fav for 2014!  (Color: leans towards the warmer side of the color wheel– blue / fushia)


chills & thrills

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supercharged blue violet

I wouldn’t have thought it, but Chills & Thrills is another favorite of mine from the Neon collection.  This color had the thickest consistency and most coverage out of all the neon lacquers in the collection.  I even wore it to the gym to powerlift and even after chalking up and bench pressing my manicure held up fabulously!  It casts a violet / blue hue and also leans towards the warmer side of the color wheel.

Chills & Thrills- ESSIE

For those of you girls who Powerlift & want to match your nails to your gear… Well Chills & Thrills happens to match perfectly to Mark Bell’s Gangsta Wrist Wraps!  I know this ’cause last weekend I was wearing this color on my nails & as i began wrapping up I noticed the perfect match!  Guess I know which nail color I’ll be wearing for my next meet. 😉

Mark Bell's Gangsta Wrist Wraps


i’m addicted

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neon aquamarine blue

I’m Addicted casts a perfect shade of Caribbean sea turquoise.  The first color from the Neon collection that i wore i think it’s flattering to all skin types.   A bit cooler that the first two shades but still looks great with un tanned skin.  A super trendy color for summer! Depending on how you apply your nail polish.  2 coats is sufficient for this color but a 3rd will just give it a bit more pop!


vices versa

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juicy neon lime

Bright Lime Green would be my color description for Vices Versa.  Not my favorite color from the collection but coordinates so nicely with all the other colors that you’ll def. get that 80’s Mod Look wearing it!  3 coats is a must for full, bright coverage.   (Color: Leans more towards the cool side of the color wheel.. has a bit of a pea green hue)
Try some fun nail art with this color using a dotting tool and some white nail & too taboo!


serial shopper

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florescent fire coral

I’ve been trying to find a perfect coral and I think Serial Shopper nailed it!  Very bright and very orange/coral.  Coral fans get ready!  This might be the new GO-2 color for Summer Pedi’s world wide!  3 coats is a must to get full coverage.

Serial_Shopper - ESSIE

sittin’ pretty

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vivid intense lavender

Lastly a pretty blue violet.  I’d also like to describe Sittin’ Pretty as a Pop art purple.  Very bright and very PURPLE!  Another fun color for summer that needs 3 coats for full coverage.


All in all I give Essie’s Neon Collection 4 STARS!  I would have liked to see a bright yellow in the collection rather than 2 blues.  Besides that I would highly recommend picking up a few colors from the collection.  They’re fun and bright and great for summer!

Each polish retails for $8.50

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Photo Credits: Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail
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