NAIL POLISH ALERT: Encrusted Treasures Collection by Essie

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NAIL POLISH ALERT: Encrusted Treasures Collection by Essie



Hey there Nail Enthusiasts! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  CYBER MONDAY is behind us & now it’s CRUNCH TIME!!… The Kickoff  to Holiday Shopping Mania is in Full Effect!  .. & for those of you, like myself who celebrate Chanukah… Happy Chanukah!

In case you haven’t heard there’s a little buzz fluttering around about Essie’s new collection called Encrusted Treasures.  A perfect name to describe 6 new textured polishes for Winter 2013.   When I received my samples from the lovely ladies at Essie I was mesmerized by the 6 gorgeous shimmery bottles!  Excited by each I began trying them on.  Some are easier to apply then others and I’ll go into detail with each. The Encrusted Treasures Collection consists of 6 glittery, sparkly and almost 3D polishes.  If you love glitter, textured polishes you’ll love this collection.  As different and unique as this collection is, I do believe there’s a color in this collection for almost everyone.  This collection requires imagination… not every color needs to be used all over… some work better as accents and pops over an existing polish. Take a look below… Each are available at Ulta Beauty, Target and local salons for $8.50/ bottle. First off we have one of my favorites….

Hors D’oeuvres

I decided to wear it on my tips and also wore it as a half moon on my thumb over Mind Your Mittens from Essie’s Winter 2013 Collection. The best way I can describe Hors D’oeuvres is a burst of gold shimmery flakes.  The bottle appears silver but over my nails it turned GOLD!  To wear this polish effectively you can’t glob a ton on your nail.  It’s challenging to spread so, if you’re going to use it on your tips apply it with small daubs over the edges of your nails.  Then lightly spread it with the brush.  If some glitter overlaps over your nail tips, gently push it back with your finger. I attached a little video of how I put painted the half moon on my thumb. I really love this combination.  My nails looked sparkly and gorgeous.  To finish the look I used 1 coat of Dry Fast Polish (Seche Vite) and my nails looked like glass.

Mind Your Mittens - Hors D' oeuvres- Essie

Hors D’ oeuvres over Mind Your Mittens -Essie

Base: Mind Your Mittens – Essie Winter 2013 Tips:  Hors D’oeuvres – Essie Encrusted Treasures Winter 2013 Mind Your Mittens - Hors D' oeuvres-Essie

Peak of Chic – Clear base with alpine white holographic rainbow crystal fringe.

I wore this over Parka Perfect from Essie’s Winter 2013 Collection.  Peak of Chic is a clear jelly based polish with little white and holo rainbow hairs.  Another polish that’s fairly simple to wear but I would suggest wearing it over a color for the texture to really pop!  You could even try it over your favorite white polish for winter textured nails.  I used 1 coat to achieve this textured effect.  My only suggestion is… if you decide to use 2 coats, wait until the first coat is dry to prevent clumping.

Peak of Chic - Essie

Peak of Chic – over Parka Perfect -Essie

Base: Parka Perfect – Essie Winter 2013 Tips:  Peak of Chic – Essie Encrusted Treasures Winter 2013

Lots of Lux – A shimmering lapis lazuli blue with a matte finish.

Lots of Lux - Essie

Lots of Lux – Essie

Way cooler with a shiny top coat Lots of Lux is an electric sparkly blue with a fine matte finish.  I much rather prefer it with a top coat which is how I’m wearing it below.  A great party nail color.  2 coats needed but wait for the first coat to set before adding a second coat to prevent clumping. Another way of wearing this is on your tips over a solid white nails.

Ignite The Night – Sparkling hematite with a superfine matte finish.

Probably the easiest to apply Ignite The Night is a basic matte silver glitter jelly polish.  More condensed then the typical glitter jelly’s.  I found to get the full  coverage I needed between 2-3 coats.  The difference between this silver glitter polish from others is the matte texture which gives a more subdued effect then you’re typical disco ball diamond glitter polish.  I used it with 1 coat of Seche Vite for a high gloss shine.

Ignite The Night- Essie

Ignite The Night- Essie

On A Silver Platter – Violet holographic glitter and antique silver add bold contrast to this pearlescent gold.

On A Silver Platter is probably the strangest polish I’ve put on in a long time.  In the bottle it has a gold appearance with various size holo glitter chunks.  It’s highly condensed glitter & semi translucent gold base made it quiet challenging to polish smoothly.  I tried a few different ways to get the glitter to spread without clumping.  Applying a blob to the center of my nail and then working it out by smoothing with the brush seemed to work best.  The cool part to this polish is that it cast a different shade every time i moved my fingers.  I just wish the gold wasn’t so sheer.  I didn’t like seeing the white tips of my nails so,  I kept trying to get a deeper gold base by spreading more polish, but with every additional stroke the glitter would begin to clump. Overall, I’d have to say On A Silver Platter would best be worn with one coat over a solid gold base.   Or if you don’t mind seeing your nail thru the glitter then 2 thin coats will work too.  Just wait for the first coat to set before applying your second. Rather than say I didn’t like it, I was mostly perplexed.  It’s not your ordinary holo, glitter.  A definite to check out… but for me, i think it’s just a little to textural.

On-A-Silver-Platter - Essie

On-A-Silver-Platter – Essie

Lastly is something I’ve never seen before!

Belugaria – Translucent black, textural holo glitter with a matte finish.

First reactions when I started polishing with Belugaria was… “what the…?!”  Then I was like… “wait a minute… there’s got to be a trick to this….”  So, I applied one coat very lightly over my nails.  Not worrying about the unevenness.  For my 2nd coat I subtly globed the polish running with that textured look.  The final outcome made my nails look like they were adorned with some sort of 3 Dimensional Black Confetti. (or shards of glass).. still undecided. From a R & D (research & design) point of view I get what the polish engineers at Essie were trying to achieve.  But from a commercial point of view, I don’t think it’s going to stick.  I  can’t picture the average Essie customer gravitating towards it.  I can 100% appreciate Essie’s attempt to introduce a new movement in nail lacquer trends.  I’m just not 100% sold on the formula yet.  There’s something missing … a luxurious appeal that the 5 other colors have, that this is lacking. ps.. don’t bother trying it over a solid black nail.  I tried it and it made my nails look muddy, gritty and gross!

Belugaria - Essie

Belugaria – Essie

Shown with a top coat for ultra glossy shine.


(photo credits:  Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer.  All of the reviews are 100% my own opinion.  For further details visit my disclosure page.

 Shopping Links:

Essie’s Encrusted Treasures Collection can be purchased at Ulta Beauty, Target, CVS and many local nail salons.  Sugg. Retail $8.50/ bottle.

Hors D’oeuvres – Buy It Now: $6.93

Peak of Chic – Buy It Now: $1.25

Lots of Lux – Buy It Now: $1.13

Ignite The Night – Buy It Now: $ .75

On A Silver Platter – Buy It Now: $4.10

Belugaria-  Buy It Now: $5.70

** One added suggestion:  Most of you are well aware of the challenge removing glitter polish.  A little tip to make it easier to remove is… After applying your base coat, add a thin layer of clear elmers glue to each nail by either smudging it into your finger nail or brushing it on with a junky old arts & crafts paint brush.  Allow it to dry fully and then apply your glitter nail lacquer on top.  Adding the elmers glue will cut your removal time in half.  It will virtually slide or peel right off your nails when you’re ready to do your next polish change.



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