Mani Monday – Mens Editon – Nail Care For Men

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Masculine Manicured Hands

Mani Monday – Mens Editon – Nail Care For Men

Good Morning Nail & Beauty Enthusiasts!

This edition of “Mani Monday” is dedicated to all of those special men out there.

There are 4 different types of men.

  1. Ultra manicured men
  2. Sometimes manicured
  3. Rarely manicured (This guy will get a manicure if his significant other begs & pleads w/ him to have it done & he gives in, just to stop hearing her bitch) 😉
  4. Never manicured (This guy refuses to walk in a nail salon b/c he can’t take the smell.  He is concerned about his appearance but disregards his nails and would rather being doing something rough and tough than wasting time in a salon.  Especially when he knows that the manicure won’t last.)

BTW.. #4’s – You might think the manicure won’t last but in actuality.. having regular manicures or self given manicures will keep up the longevity of your skin & nails.  Think of it like going to the dentist…Every 6 Months. It’s preventative maintenance!

So I wanted to have a go and do my best to revamp a pair of #4’s!

  • #4.  A pair of never manicured, overly worked and more frequently dry and calloused hands.

It’s time to give those suckers a face lift!

Before the transformation

Before the Manicure

Before the Manicure – Torn cuticles, dry, cracked skin, unshaped & dirty nails

After the manicure

30 Minutes Later- Hands & nails are hydrated, cuticles are clipped, nails are shaped & clean, looking refreshed!  By Holly @TheTrendyNail

And there you have it!
With a little TLC, a pair of once dry, tore up, unkempt set of hands have been transformed into a pair of hydrated, well manicured and great looking masculine hands.

Nail Care Tips for Men

Attention all you #3’s & #4’s having a manicure is not as bad as it seems.. it only takes 30 minutes out of your day.

Take the time to get a manicure on a Saturday or Sunday at least every 2 or 3 months. If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like to make appointments, FYI:

Many nail salons accept walk-ins.

Trust me.. you’re significant other with thank you!

Travel Size Moisturizer

If I know you, you’re probably not running to a nail salon after reading this.
But in the meantime or if you do add getting a manicure to your grooming routine then pick up a travel size bottle of moisturizer (Any moisturizer will do!

 Affordable moisturizers:

Jergins or check out products at Walgreens, Bath & BodyWorks)  and throw it in the center console of your car, keep it in your laptop bag or whatever you travel with on the daily.  It’s good to have some hand moisturizer readily available to hit it up anytime your hands are feeling dry or looking cracked.  Throw a glob of it over your nail beds… This will keep your cuticle’s hydrated and looking good. (Kind of a faux manicure fix)

Men’s Manicure Kits

Ebay- Men’s Manicure Sets
Sears: Men’s Manicure Sets

More Men’s Product Links

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