Good Morning Nail & Beauty Enthusiasts!

This edition of “Mani Monday” is dedicated to all of those special men out there.

There are 4 different types of men.

  1. Ultra manicured men
  2. Sometimes manicured
  3. Rarely manicured (This guy will get a manicure if his significant other begs & pleads w/ him to have it done & he gives in, just to stop hearing her bitch) ūüėČ
  4. Never manicured (This guy refuses to walk in a nail salon b/c he can’t take the smell.¬† He is concerned about his appearance but disregards his nails and would rather being doing something rough and tough than wasting time in a salon.¬† Especially when he knows that the manicure won’t last.)

BTW.. #4’s – You might think the manicure won’t last but in actuality.. having regular manicures or self given manicures will keep up the longevity of your skin & nails.¬† Think of it like going to the dentist…Every 6 Months.¬†It’s preventative maintenance!

So I wanted to have a go and do my best to revamp a pair of #4’s!

  • #4.¬† A pair of never manicured, overly worked and more frequently dry and calloused hands.

It’s time to give those suckers a face lift!

Before the transformation

Before the Manicure

Before the Manicure – Torn cuticles, dry, cracked skin, unshaped & dirty nails

After the manicure

30 Minutes Later- Hands & nails are hydrated, cuticles are clipped, nails are shaped & clean, looking refreshed!  By Holly @TheTrendyNail

And there you have it!
With a little TLC, a pair of once dry, tore up, unkempt set of hands have been transformed into a pair of hydrated, well manicured and great looking masculine hands.

Nail Care Tips for Men

Attention all you #3’s & #4’s having a manicure is not as bad as it seems.. it only takes 30 minutes out of your day.

Take the time to get a manicure on a Saturday or Sunday at least every 2 or 3 months. If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like to make appointments, FYI:

Many nail salons accept walk-ins.

Trust me.. you’re significant other with thank you!

Travel Size Moisturizer

If I know you, you’re probably not running to a nail salon after reading this.
But in the meantime or if you do add getting a manicure to your grooming routine then pick up a travel size bottle of moisturizer (Any moisturizer will do!

 Affordable moisturizers:

Jergins or check out products at Walgreens, Bath & BodyWorks)¬† and throw it in the center console of your car, keep it in your laptop bag or whatever you travel with on the daily.¬† It’s good to have some hand moisturizer readily available to hit it up anytime your hands are feeling dry or looking cracked.¬† Throw a glob of it over your nail beds… This will keep your cuticle’s hydrated and looking good. (Kind of a faux manicure fix)

Men’s Manicure Kits

Ebay- Men’s Manicure Sets
Sears: Men’s Manicure Sets

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