Hey All,

It’s a common gross habit that takes over the best of us.  It’s the worst feeling to be on that 1st date, business meeting, reaching across a crowded bar to grab your cocktail or what have you and your nails are grossly stubby, cuticles torn up… You all know what i’m talking about.

Well i have to admit i was one of those girls and i thought it displayed a huge lack of confidence when my nails were all messed up like that.  I wondered to myself.. what are they thinking when they see my hands looking like such a wreck?  It may sound dumb, but honestly … when my nails looked as if I was having them for a lite snack it didn’t feel that great.

Well obviously… i had a case of the nervous nellies.. I tried chewing on pen caps.. gum… anything else… but once you get used to putting your fingers in your mouth it’s such a bad habit that is tough to break.

Until i discovered this…

NoBite Bottle NoBite

“Bite It”  – You can buy this at CVS
When you open up the package the bottle it says 1-800-25-ravid

My Thoughts:
It worked wonders for me!
It leaves a nice milky matte finish and has a long lasting bitter taste that detered me from putting my fingers back in my mouth for good!

Sometimes when i don’t have the time to polish my nails I use this for a quick fix and the PLUS!!   It keeps my nails from becoming shorty stubs!  😉

I actually thought about trying it over a shiny polish to see if it has the same effect as a Matte Top Coat.
I’ll have to try it sometime and let you know.

Anyways, to anyone who’s dealing with that nail bitting issue…. Just know you’re not alone.
I hope this helps.  😉