Hey there Nail Enthusiasts!

Some nail bloggers like to plan out their nail art weeks ahead of time… and like many I tend to have a plan but seldom stick to it. 🙂

If I stumble upon a cool pattern, I’ll usually add it in as my next nail art design.  As i was flipping through my October Elle Magazine, this print from Proenza Schouler caught my eye.  So of course, I immediately tore the page out and started brainstorming how I would apply this print to my nails.

I figured I  would be able to complete this look in 3 simple steps… and it worked!

Take a look at the steps below to get these Trendy Proenza Schouler print nails

The Tools:

  • Black Nail Polish
  • White Nail Polish
  • Black Nail Art Duo Pen
  • White Nail Art Duo Pen

Step 1:  Start with solid black & white nails.


Step 2:  Using either a striping brush or your nail polish brush paint white stripes over your black nails and black stripes over your white nails.


Step 3:  Using a nail art duo pen create jagged “V” shapes with the opposite color.  Black over the white and white over the black.

Step 4:  Top it off with your favorite dry fast top coat.



Voilla!  Simple patterned striped nails!

Feel free to mix it up and try different colors.  I’d love to hear from you… leave me a comment at the bottom of the page and let me know how your nail art turned out!



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