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Maria-Louisa-Nail-Art-THE TRENDY NAIL


Maria-Louisa-Nail-Art-THE TRENDY NAIL

Nail art doesn’t have to be complicated.  In today’s post for Tutorial Thursday I wanted to combine two new colors just released by Zoya for Fall 2014 with a little gold bling added for effect.  Besides loving the two deep shades alone.. I really like the way they work together.

The berry color is called Veronica.  An opaque creamy wine color.  The gray tone is Yuna, an opaque deep gray with copper and gold flecks.  I chose to add a little gold design at the end to pick up the gold accent flecks in the gray.  The design turned out to be an irregular french which I love for fall!  A fairly simple design & different take on a french manicure that looks more complicated than it actually is!  I broke down the steps below… check it out.

Here’s what I used to get this look.

The Tools

Deep Wine – Veronica by Zoya (Entice Collection – Fall 2014)
Deep Grey w/ copper & gold liquid metal sparkles – Yuna by Zoya (Ignite Collection – Fall 2014)
Gold Sparkle Jelly Polish – Maria-Luisa by Zoya (Fall 2013 Collection)
Generic Striping Brush

Step 1:  Start off with solid nails.  1 coat of Veronica by Zoya.


Step 2:  Next using a striping brush and your gray nail polish separate your nails by making a diagonal line across each of your nails.  I used Yuna by Zoya.


Step 3:  Now fill in the bottom and tops of your nails alternating your nails using the same gray nail polish.  (Yuna by Zoya)


Step 4: Seal in your nails with your favorite dry fast top coat.  Once it’s dry follow up with some added bling.

Step 5: Add a little bling using a gold jelly polish. (I used Maria-Luisa by Zoya)   Take your striping brush dipped in the gold jelly polish & follow the diagonal line down your pinky and index finger.  I alternated the nails with gold stripes and dots along the diagonal line. (see below)  The jelly polish is thick enough that you don’t need a dotting tool, I used my striping brush to create the dots with the jelly polish.
I actually went over my lines and dots twice with the jelly polish to make it stand out.

& that’s it!  If you want you can spray your nails with some dry fast nail spray.  But otherwise don’t apply another top coat over the gold.  Just let it air dry & you’re good to go!



All of the colors from Zoya’s Ignite & Entice collections can be purchased at for $9/bottle

I’d love to hear from you!  Leave me a message in the comment box below and let me know what you think of my combo choices & design!

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(Photo Credits:  Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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