NAIL ART TUTORIAL: Inspired by Anna Sui Fall 2013 Collection

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NAIL ART TUTORIAL: Inspired by Anna Sui Fall 2013 Collection


Hey There Nail Enthusiasts!
Today’s manicure muse is from Anna Sui‘s Fall 2013 Collection.  Inspired by the blue jewel tones I ran straight to my nail polish stash.. picked out colors, grabbed my dotting tool started painting.

Links to the items mentioned in this post can be found at the bottom of the page.

Follow these simple steps to get Blue on Black Trendy Nails!

Step 1:  Start off with solid black nails.  I used 1 coat of Licorice by Essie.  ** Side Note: If you”re searching for a nice black, Essie’s Licorice is great!  I love the narrow brush, it spreads on smooth and evenly too!  Not too thick it’s a perfect polish for nail art.


Step 2:  Using your medium dotting tool make 3 vertical lines of dots.  I varied the colors.  2 rows of a deep sparkly  blue called Lots of Lux by Essie.  For the middle row I used a brighter blue Avenue Maintain by Essie.  If you have room add an extra dot or two to the top right and left.  (Take a look at my pinky finger)


Step 3:  Lastly using a striping brush add 1 vertical strip down the side of your nail in between the rows of dots and a horizontal stripe with a 3rd shade of blue.  I used Mesmerize by Essie for the stripes.  Seal it off with 1 coat of your favorite dry fast top coat.

I actually like the way these nails turned out…but I think they look better in person.  🙂  Feel free to vary the shades of blue dots and not make them all one the same color rows.  I also liked the way they looked without the stripes too!  Have fun with it!  It’s only nail art… and doesn’t have to be perfect! 🙂

Shopping Links

Check out Anna Sui’s Fall 2013 Collection Available Now! 

Licorice – Essie – (Solid Black) Buy It Now: $4.50

Avenue Maintain – Essie (Medium/Light Blue) Buy It Now: $4.27

Mesmerize – Essie (Medium/Dark Blue) Buy It Now: $5.48

Lots of Lux – Essie (Deep Indigo Sparkle Blue) (Encrusted Treasures Winter 2013 Collection) Buy It Now: $5.85 

I happened too use one of the new colors from Essie’s Encrusted Treasures Collection… stay tuned for swatches and reviews of the entire collection!

You can also find many Essie polishes at your local salons, CVS, Ulta Beauty Sugg. Retail-$8.50/ bottle

**If you don’t have a dotting tool here are a few ideas to try:
Small Dots:  Tooth Pick
Larger Dots:  Ball point pen

Also check out Wacki Laki!  She has a great diagram illustrating different alternatives.  See below:

(Photo credits:  Anna Sui Runway Fall 2013 – // Dotting Tool Alternatives – // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail )
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