escada pre fall 2014

Escada Pre Fall 2014 fashion inspired nail art filled with flash and flair… I’ll take it!  This color blocked coat with detachable leather sleeves caught my eye and translated perfectly into my next trendy new nail design!  A definite 10 on the “How did you do that?” reaction scale.  Time and effort spent… under 20 minutes!  Take a look at the steps below to get these fashion forward trendy nails.. and an added bonus!  No Special Tools Necessary!

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The Tools:

  • Honey Ryder by OPI
  • 904 Kinetic Copper by Sally Hansen
  • Black Nail Art Duo  Pen by Color Club
  • Licorice by Essie

Step 1:  Paint your nails with 1 coat of solid black nail lacquer.  I used Licorice by Essie.

Step--1-Black Nails

Step 2:  Depending on the width of your nail leaving an edge around the outside of the nail.  Start a little above the cuticle and paint 1 to 2 strokes of Honey Ryder over the black. Leaving a nice black border around the outside edge of your nails.

Step2-Honey Ryder by OPI

Step 3:  Daub a few uneven dots on your nails using the nail polish brush and your Kinetic Copper Magnetic Nail Color by Sally Hansen.
(Kinetic Copper is also a magnetic polish and when worn alone, will create a really cool wavy design on your nails.  To do this: After you paint the second coat of polish on your nails hover the magnet on the cap over each nail and hold for 10 seconds and see what magical cool design will appear!)

STEP3-Kinetic Copper by Sally Hansen

Step 4: Lastly using your nail art duo pen in black draw a few half circles around the outside copper shapes.  Seal in your design with 1 coat of your favorite dry fast top coat!

STEP4- Black circles

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(Photo Credits:  Escada Pre Fall 2014 – // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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