Bright colors & Mixed Prints you’ll see it all in Roberto Cavalli’s Ready-To-Wear Spring 2014 line.

My latest nail art was inspired by a multi colored animal print with a white washed plaid overlay!  Such a cool look, I had to attempt the print on my nails!

The key to getting this look is using a pattern from a stamping plate.

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Check out the steps below to get these Trendy Nails!


Purple Nail Polish – Azature Light Lilac Diamond Polish
Black Nail Art Duo Pen – Art Club
White Nail Art Duo Pen – Art Club
Pink – Bachelorette Bash – Essie
M64 Plaid Stamping Plate & Stamp – Born Pretty Store
Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Step 1:  Start off with solid purple nails.  I used Azature – Light Lilac Diamond Polish.

Step 1-Cavalli

Step 2:  Daub a bunch of irregular spots on your nails.


Step 3:  Using a nail art duo pen in black.  Add a few black “c” shapes over the pink dots.  Adding a random black spot here and there to add to your animal print.


Step 4:  Seal in your design and apply 1 coat of clear polish to your nails.  This will protect your animal spots from getting washed away.  You’ll be using acetone in the next few steps.

Step 5:  Thin out some white polish with a bit of acetone or nail polish thinner and apply a few white stripes using your nail art duo pen striping brush at the bed of your nail.


Step 6:  Here’s the best part.  Using your nail art stamping plate.  Apply some white polish to the plate.  Squeegie the polish and place your stamp over the design to pick it up.  Now apply the plaid pattern to your nail by stamping it.  Try and center the plaid towards the nail bed so it doesn’t cover your entire nail.

Step 7:  Once you’ve stamped your nails with your plaid  pattern.  Take a paper towel dipped in acetone and gently wipe away parts of the plaid design from your nails.    This will leave a washed out effect.

Step 8:  Finally top it off with your favorite Dry Fast Top Coat.  I used Seche Vite!



(photo credits: Just Cavalli RTW Spring 2014 Runway Look – Trend Council // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)

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Just Cavalli RTW Spring 2014

Since the Just Cavalli RTW Spring 2014 line just appeared on the runway, it’s not yet available in stores…  Visit www.justcavalli.com for other fabulous looks and Fall 2013 fashions.

Just Cavalli
Just Cavalli at Nordstroms
Just Cavalli at Shopbop

Just Cavalli at Zappos

Purple Nail Polish – Light Lilac Diamond Polish by Azature Buy It Now: RonRobinson.com $25
Black Nail Art Duo – Color Club:  Buy It Now: Colorclub.com $4.00
White – Nail Art Duo Pen Buy It Now:  Colorclub.com $4
Pink – Bachelorette Bash – Essie Buy It Now: Amazon.com $4.61
Dry Fast Top Coat – Seche Vite  Buy It Now: Amazon $4.85
M64 Plaid Stamping Plate & Stamp – Buy It Now:  Born Pretty Store  $1.99

New Nail Art Stamping Template-m64BAZQ10


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