Okay… so maybe it’s not exactly 50 shades… but here’s a super cool and really easy nail art design that will have you saying… WOW!
Loving the combination of shades of red during the winter I really wanted to try something different.
It just so happens that I discovered a cool new way to get negative space nail art without striping tape! Created by celebrity nail artist Miss Pop Nails here’s her take on a new easy way to get negative space nail art in a flash!  Take a look at the video below for her take on negative space nail art.   Then check out my rendition on the same same technique below!

At first I tried Miss Pop Nail’s technique using a dotting tool to remove a section of the top layer of polish.  This technique works great if your looking to reveal your natural nail tone.  But in my case I only wanted to reveal the base color.  So, unfortunately.. every time I swiped away… My gold base color would disappear too. 🙁  No Bueno..

So I thought.. why not use a brush instead?  It virtually does the exact same thing as a dotting tool but soft enough to leave the base color.
& Voilla!!  It did the trick!

So here’s what I used…

  1. Start off with one coat of Azature Alloy for the base color of each nail.  Let each nail dry.
  2. Next working one nail at a time paint every other nail with red.  Alternating two shades of wine.  I used Azature Burlesque (left) and Azature Blackberry (right)
  3. Before your top color dries… quickly take a thin short paint brush or nail art striping brush and wipe away the area you want the base color to show.
    In my case I swiped a horizontal line across the base of each nail.
  4. Lastly seal in your design using your favorite dry fast top coat.


Now… if you are working with only 1 color of polish and you want to have your natural nail color show through, but you don’t have a dotting tool or a paint brush.  Try using a toothpick & most of all… have fun!






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