Nail Art: Michael Kors Resort ’14

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Nail Art: Michael Kors Resort ’14

Michael Kors for Mani Monday!

Who doesn’t love Michael Kors?  His products are wearable and affordable available in department stores world-wide, in addition to his standalone stores.

I just can’t get enough of Michael Kors!

So of course, when he launched his Resort 2014 collection I was ecstatic!

There’s plenty appeal here, the color palette is simple—just white, black, suntan, pool blue, and geranium pink. Well tailored, smooth, clean lines tied together with leopard and giraffe prints.  This collection is absolutely STUNNING.

Inspired by the entire collection, I chose this design to create my latest set of graphic nails.

Michael Kors Resort 2014—Look 22


(Photo:, Nails: Holly Singer for The Trendy Nail)

Get This Trendy Nail Look

The Tools:


Choose which nail design you want to do:
All Over Giraffe or Stripes on Pinky & Thumb

Giraffe Nails step 4 - Giraffe Nails

Step 1: Paint All Over White Nails

I used Alpine Snow- OPI
Buy It Now: Alpine Snow OPI Amazon $6.90

step1 - Giraffe Nails

Step 2: Paint Giraffe Pattern

** If you choose to create the stripe.. Leave your thumb and pinky free**

Using the Striping Brush and Black Nail Polish or Black Striping Nail Art Lacquer
Create uneven squares, rectangles and triangles all with rounded edges.  Leave some space between each shape

I used Dominating Thigh Highs by Venique ( I found that it didn’t clump as quickly as the Art Club Striping Polish)  TIP: If you have problems with clumping.. Put a little polish on some Saran Wrap and add 1 or 2 drops of OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner to the polish.  Then dip your striping brush into the polish and start painting.

Buy It Now: Dominating Thigh Highs Venique

step2 - Giraffe Nails

Step 3: Paint Stripe Pattern – Pinky & Thumb

Using the Striping Brush and Black Nail Polish or Black Striping Nail Art Lacquer
Create 2 stripes on the sides of your pinky and thumb.  Leave a large enough space of white in the center to add 2 center black stripes.

step3 - Giraffe Nails

Step 4: Paint 2 thin black stripes using the striping brush in the center of your pinky and thumb nails.

Step 5:  Allow black polish to set for about 5 minutes.
Top it all off with your favorite Quick Dry Top Coat!

step 4 - Giraffe Nails

Giraffe Nails



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