NAIL ART MANI MUSE: Fausto Puglisi PRE Fall 2014

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NAIL ART MANI MUSE: Fausto Puglisi PRE Fall 2014


New to me, I recently discovered Italian designer Fausto Puglisi when his first ever Pre Fall collection showed in New York this past January.  Drawn to the graphic prints and bright colors I chose this particular piece for my next nail art inspiration.

Check out the steps below to get these trendy fashion inspired nails!

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The Tools:

  • Base Coat & Dry Fast Top Coat
  • White Nail Polish
  • Blue Nail Art Duo or Nail Art Striping Polish
  • Black Nail Art Duo Nail Art Striping Polish
  • Black Nail Polish

Step 1:  After applying your base coat, start off with solid white nails.  1 coat of white nail polish.  I used Azature Faint White.


Step 2: Using your nail art duo pen or striping brush from your nail art polish paint several diagonal lines stopping 3/4 of the way up your nail.I used Electric Universe by Art Club.


Step 3: Using your black striping nail polish brush paint black diagonal lines next to the blue lines.  Leave some space between some of the lines for the white to show through.  I used the brush from my Black Nail Art Duo by Art Club.


Step 4:  Using your solid black nail polish paint a diagonal line in the opposite direction and fill in the rest with black.  Follow it up with 1 coat of your favorite dry fast top coat to seal in your gorgeous nail art!

Mani Muse: Fausto Puglisi Pre Fall 2014 : The Trendy Nail

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more fashion inspired nail art!

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(Photo Credits:  Fausto Puglisi Pre Fall 2014 – // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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