NAIL ART: Inspired by Dennis Basso Pre-Fall 2014

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NAIL ART: Inspired by Dennis Basso Pre-Fall 2014



Hey there nail enthusiasts!

In the mood for some layered nail art?  Well I hope so.. ’cause today’s nail art tutorial is all about layering.  Inspired by Dennis Basso’s 2014 Pre-Fall Collection.  I really loved the feminine tailoring & combination of prints with wovens and furs.  A fabulous collection embracing the modern woman.

This nail design may seem challenging but take a look at the breakdown of steps to achieve these Trendy Nails!

The Tools:

Dark Gray:  Claudine  (Satin Collection for Fall 2013) $8

BlackLicorice by Essie $5.70

WhiteAlpine Snow OPI – from $3.75

Holo Rainbow Hairs Peak of Chic – Essie (Encrusted Treasures Winter 2013) $5.68

Dotting tool or tip of a colored pencil, paper clip, toothpick… be creative.. anything that can make different size dots will do!

Step 1:  Start off with solid gun metal gray nails. I used 1 coat of Claudine by Zoya.




Step 2:  Using your solid black nail polish (I used Licorice by Essie)  To create the shapes, use the tip of the nail polish brush and pretend like you’re drawing 2 rounded mountain peaks.  Fill in the tips with your black nail polish.


Step 3:  Using your dotting tool create 2 large blobs at the tips in the black mountain peak area.  In the gray area (closer to your cuticles) make a few smaller size dots using your white nail polish and the black.  For the white i used Alpine Snow by OPI.


Step 4:  Lastly using the textured rainbow confetti polish swipe a few just over the tips of your nails staying within the black mountain peak area.  For the textured polish I used Peak of Chic by Essie from the most recent Winter Encrusted Treasures Collection.

Step 5: Finally … seal in your amazing nail art with 1 coat of your favorite dry fast top coat!  I used Seche Vite.


Voilla!  And there you have it!! Snowflake splattered winter nails!   I hope you enjoyed this post.  For information on where to buy the tools and nail polish used in this nail art design check out the shopping links below.

Shopping Links

Dark Gray Nail Polish:  Claudine by Zoya  (Satin Collection for Fall 2013)– Buy It Now: $8

Black Nail PolishLicorice by EssieBuy It Now: $5.70

White Nail Polish– Alpine Snow by OPI – Buy It Now: from $3.75

Holo Rainbow Hairs – Peak of Chic by Essie (Encrusted Treasures Winter 2013) Buy It Now: $5.68

Set of 4 Dotting Tools: Buy It Now: $1.60

Dry Fast Top CoatSeche Vite– Buy It Now: $4.78

(Photo Credits:  Dennis Basso Pre Fall 2014: // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
Disclosure: The products used in this post were provided by Essie and Zoya.  The tools and OPI nail polish was purchased by me.  Affiliate links appear in this post. When you purchase through an affiliate link, you help support this site. For more info view my Disclosure Policy



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