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Essie released 6 new shades of matte nail polishes making up another brand new collection called “Cashmere Matte” for 2015!

Well.. i wish i had something better to say about this collection, but unfortunately by my standards it’s an EPIC FAIL!
Yup.. you read it right.. A total bomb!  Between the fact that its virtually impossible to get a streak free first coat and it chips quickly… it’s just a major NIGHTMARE for DIY manicurists!!

I wanted to give it one more shot and tried some nail art hoping it’d be happier with the polishes.. but honestly.. it’s definitely a collection i can 100% do without.
In the photo below I used Wrap Me Up for the base and Spun in Luxe on top. 
I used a base coat, but using a clear matte polish for your base would be the best way to start off.
The Cashmere collection dries super quickly and I would suggest 3 coats for your base and 1 coat for the top… Spun in Luxe is a bit tricky to apply.. so if you decide to buy it… well, just know it’s a pain in the neck to remove if you get it on your skin.  But …. a really pretty color in the bottle. lol

No Top Coat Required.. just wait at least 10 minutes for your nails to dry completely.  PS.. make sure you swipe the edge of each nail with Spun in Luxe, so to prevent pre-mature chipping… Unfortunately.. mine chipped after 1 hour at the gym.. 🙁

Base: Wrap Me Up Essie Cashmere Matte
Top: Spun in LuxeEssie Cashmere Matte



In the photo below… I’m wearing Coat Couture, which was actually the easiest of the cashmere matte’s to apply.
It also has a pretty iridescent shimmer which I liked too.  Unfortunately… it didn’t last more than a day.
Maybe with a top coat both manicures would’ve stayed longer… but that would 100% defeat the purpose of having matte nails.

Base:  2 coats of Coat Couture – Essie Cashmere Matte
Stripe:  Spun in Luxe – Essie Cashmere Matte


I wish I had something better to say about these shades.. but unfortunately I don’t.  Stay tuned Monday.. I’ll be featuring the entire collection and my reviews on each color.

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