Motivation is A State of Mind

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Motivation is A State of Mind

Hey guys & gals..

A few weeks ago I wrote about motivation and my thoughts about staying focused and attaining goals.
Well, i’m at Week #8 in my strength training routine and I’m still on track.

I’m still keeping that same frame of mind:

I’m Gonna Do It & It’s Gonna Happen!

Focusing on self improvement is so important in life.  Keeping a clear mind, weeding out the negative & forging forward with the positive.

Lets back it up a day.   It was Wednesday 4/10  I got a late start to my day, but still had it set in my mind that I would hit the gym in the evening to get my chest workout in.  (When I say Chest Workout, I mean… my wide grip bench press goal for Week #8 = 2 sets / 2 reps @ 135lbs.  Rest, then 1 set / 1 rep @ 140lbs.)

 ps.  no half reps here…

 My set up: Feet planted firmly on the ground, butt planted on the bench, big arch in my back.  I’m in control of the bar as it slowly descents down to my chest, a pause & then I explode up.  Hold at the top for a second or 2 and then rack the bar)

So… all day I had it in my mind that I was ready to attack this goal.  I didn’t care that I got off to a late start or that I had a ton of work to finish and errands to run before I made it to the gym… I wasn’t thinking of anything negative, no thoughts of past performances, failures or accomplishments, all that was in my mind was… I’m Gonna Do It & It’s Gonna Happen!

It’s now 8pm.. my boyfriend and I were on our way to the gym.  But first I had 1 more errand to run… Hit up Best Buy real quick to pick up a digital camera that I need for the IBS NYC show this weekend. (my Nikon broke… so I needed a replacement)

At this point it’s pouring rain and getting late… i had all the excuses in the world to say.. let me put it off for 1 more day… but NO.. not happening.  I had it in my mind that I was gonna make this happen… and guess what?…..  I did!!

We hit up Best Buy, I picked up what I needed, regardless that it was 9pm and we were both hungry… we still hit the gym.  My boyfriend asked me.. “are ready to do this, you think you can get your weight?”  My reply “Absolutely!”

And so it happened…

I made my goals for week 8!  Not only did I reach my wide grip bench goal, I also got my tricep workout in too and close gripped 135lbs 1 set / 2 reps.

I was flying high!  So proud of myself and I attribute it all to having that I’m Gonna Do It mind set.

I was talking to the bf (who also trains me) and after it was all said and done, I said to him.. “it’s amazing, it’s all in your mind.”  and he knew exactly what I was talking about and said “Yes, it is.”

If you have it set that you’re gonna get it, you will!
And with that being said… I’m off to start another day of work, gym & nails.


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