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Womens Training

Hey Nail Enthusiasts!
Some of you may or may not know but I have been strength training for the past year and a half. I reached my goal a few weeks ago and was able to bench press 100% of my body weight. Meaning.. i benched 135lbs. I was pretty excited and now I’m onto a new goal. My new bench goal is 150lbs. I’m in a 8wk. training cycle and right now i’m ending my 3rd wk. successfully hit my 120lb. bench mark.

So… what does all of this have to do with nails you ask? …. Nothing.. lol. Just wanted to share.

But actually, Everytime i look at my nails i get a feeling… whether it’s happy, strong… giggly… whatever…
So… I’ve decided to switch it up and go back to my hard core nail look for right now during my training sessions… I’m not sure what this will bring as far as nail looks are concerned but it should be interesting. I just ordered 2 collections from Zoya and they’re both pastel and shimmery… but i think I could add a twist of hard core to them. It’s all about the accents. 🙂 Stay tuned to see what transpires…

ps.. probably won’t be seeing polka dots, dragon flys or hearts designs for right now. 🙂

It’s All About Setting Goals & Attaining Them!

Stay Healthy, Fit & Happy!

Happy Painting All!
stay the night -opi

Photo taken by The Trendy Nail

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