MANIS AND MUSCLES 2.0: My Powerlifting Journey Continues

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manis and muscles 2.0

MANIS AND MUSCLES 2.0: My Powerlifting Journey Continues


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Fast forward 4 years later and i’m still doing it!  Continuing to follow my passion and chasing that “Pro-Total”.  I’ve grown a lot since my first meet in Feb. 2014.  I’ve competed in several Full Power Meets in various federations such as IPA, RPS and USAPL.  Some Raw with knee sleeves but mostly Raw with Wraps & my total’s slowly increased.  “Slowly” being the operative word  LOL.   My best lift thus far has been the deadlift and my weakest but probably most improved technically & mentally seems to be Squatting.  Bench has also improved as i continue to hammer that technical aspect.
Needless to say as my love for the sport continues & my dream of sharing this image has come to fruition.  Introducing the next generation… “Manis and Muscles” 2.0

manis and muscles 2.0

Originally i wanted to put out a t-shirt with this image focusing on powerlifting, but I decided to put out my jacked manis & muscles chic first.
Here’s a look at a few of the tee’s and tanks from the line.

manis and muscles-Tahiti-Blue tank top manis and muscles burnout-racerback-tank-whitemanis and muscles Vintage-TurqThe purpose of this post isn’t to “sell” you on buying a tee or a tank.  If you like one then AWESOME!!!… you can buy one on my website  My main purpose for this post is simply to get the word out and let ladies know that it’s important to support one another and stick together as a unified group!

In a male dominated sport women are continuing to make their mark and I for one am proud to be a part of it and you should too!  I want to show the world that guess what…. I can lift 360 lbs. and I also girl, and yes… i’m natural, but that’s obvious too.  Regardless, strength is strength no matter what.  (Might sound harsh but it’s reality,) I don’t care what you do on your “alone time” or if you choose to take PED’s… fine… that’s on you and a controversial topic that i have no interest in getting into, but what i can say is this….

We as women can do both and should never be told differently and that’s what “Manis and Muscles” is all about.  Hey… you may not have perfectly manicured nails.  Frig… my nails at the current moment have seen way better days!  But, I still paint them and do my “girly” things and continue to lift smart & lift heavy!

I wanted to share with you some updated links and coaches whom i’ve personally worked with and would highly recommend, whether you’re just entering the sport or a seasoned lifter just needing some new direction.


Whether you choose to do online coaching or in-person coaching I have had personal experience with these 3 individuals whom i have the utmost respect for and would recommend highly for Powerlifting & or Strongman specific training.

Strongman/Powerlifting/Overall Fitness Training & Nutrition

Online Powerlifting Training


An easy diet program to follow is RP Diet 

Simple diet templates customizable to your training schedule and daily lifestyle.

  • Sling Shot (great for improving your overall bench strength – great overloading for close grip, dips, push ups, bench press)
    I bought the original Size: Medium and brought it to an upholsterer to have it taken in 1/2″ on each side
  • Gangsta Wraps 24″ & 36″ wrist wraps (USAPL approved) (i have both)
  • World Record Knee Wraps – 2.5 meter & 3 meter (i have both)


  • Great site for everything powerlifting… Wraps, straps, bands, equipment, singlets & more…


  • Great source for your powerlifting equipment.  I bought my belt from Inzer.  Forever Buckle 10MM
  • Singlets (i wear a large – 5’5 144-148lbs)

  • SBD knee sleeves (USAPL approved)
  • Titan Singlets (USAPL approved)

Generic Women’s Asic’s singlet that i wore at my 1st meet.  ** when ordering this singlet get a larger size.  I’m 5’5 and at the time I was 130.   I bought a medium which fit perfect.  A small would have been too tight.


Discount Supplement Suppliers:

Powerlifting Links:

My previous goals were to hit 250lb squat, 150lb bench and 350lb deadlift.  I nailed 2 out of the 3 in competition so now my goal is to nail all three on the platform.  Another goal that i will continue to chase is nailing that “pro” elite total and qualifying for XPC at the Arnold Classic.  Onward & upward!!!!  Current age: 42 // BW: 148  You’re never to old to reach your dreams!  🙂

I guess when you love something so much, you won’t let anything or anyone stand in your way of fulfilling your dreams! Always believe in yourself!


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