MANICURE MUSE: Tori Burch Pre-Fall 2014

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MANICURE MUSE: Tori Burch Pre-Fall 2014


Hey there nail enthusiasts!

Need a break from the holiday shopping craze?!  Here’s a fun 4 Step nail art tutorial inspired by Tori Burch’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection.  I was drawn to the simplicity of the print.  Simple & Easy… always a plus when referring to a nail design, which for many can be extremely daunting!

All you need for this design is 3 polishes – black or dark navy for the base, red & white for the flowers, stems & leaves, 1 striping brush and a dotting tool.

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Take a look at the simple 4 step process to get These Trendy Tory Burch Nails!


Step 1:  Start off with 1 coat of solid black nails.  I used my all time favorite black polish “Licorice” by Essie.  I really like the thin consistency.  It has full coverage and spreads evenly without clumps or even needing 2 coats!


Step 2:  Using the end of the nail polish brush, daub a few irregular circle shapes with white polish.  I used “White” by Azature.  (My bottle says “White” but on HSN it’s referred to as “Faint White”)


Step 3:  Now add your leaves and stems using your striping brush and white nail polish brush a few lines at the bottom of each circle.  Add a few leaves off your stems by painting a few curved lines using the same striping brush. (see below)


Step 4:  Now it’s time to add some color to your flowers!  Using your dotting tool, make 2 red dots at the base of your flowers.  Think of it as making a “U” shape at the bottom of the flower.  Lastly, protect your design by applying 1 coat of your favorite Dry Fast Top Coat & Voila… simple floral nails.


My flowers were facing me, but if you want your flowers to face the world… rather than starting your flowers at the tip of your nail, start them at the base and create your leaves and stems pointing towards your tips rather than your cuticles.  😉

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  Stay tuned for more new nail art designs & tutorials!

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(Photo Credits:  Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2014 Runway – // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
Disclosure:  Azature and Essie products mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer.  All of the reviews are 100% my own opinion.  For further details visit my disclosure page.
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