MANICURE MUSE: Agnes B Spring 2014

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Manicure Muse: Agnes B Spring 2014 by The Trendy Nail

MANICURE MUSE: Agnes B Spring 2014


Hey There Nail Enthusiasts!

Today’s MANICURE MUSE is from the Agnes B Spring 2014 Ready To Wear Collection.  Loving this entire look from head to toe I immediately began my color search for the perfect polish to match this fantabulous outfit!

Inspired by the watercolor stripes in the pants I chose my colors accordingly…  2 shades from Essie’s Winter CollectionMind Your Mittens a deep blue/gray/teal and Parka Perfect a light turquoise gray.  Since there’s a hint of banana yellow peeking through the print I chose Banana Drop from Barielle Shades Sweet Treats Collection.  For the base white I used Azature White Diamond polish.

Believe it or not this was a Super Simple design, it took me less than 10 minutes to complete!

All you need are the polish colors mentioned above, a striping brush and some acetone polish remover.

Links to items mentioned in this post can be found at the bottom of the page.

Follow the simple steps below to get your own Trendy Fashion inspired Manicure!


Step 1:  After your base coat, start by applying 1 coat of solid white polish all over your nails.  Making sure to apply 1 stroke of polish over the edge of your nail so to lock in the design and prevent chipping.  This is called “capping the free edge”.

Manicure Muse - Agnes B - Step 1

Step 2: Yellow Stripes – Using your striping brush, apply a few uneven lines of yellow polish.

Manicure Muse - Agnes B - Step 2

Step 3: Light Turquoise Stripes – Using the same method as step 2.  Apply a few more uneven lines of light turquoise.  Feel free to overlap colors and allow the polish to vary in darkness and thickness.

Manicure Muse - Agnes B - Step 3

Step 4: Dark Turquoise/Blue Stripes – Repeat your stripes but use your darkest color for your final strips.

Step 5:
To complete your watercolor effect, dip your striping brush into some acetone nail polish remover and gently glide your brush over your nails.  This will disperse some of the heaviness and you’ll begin to see the colors blend together.

Top it all off with your favorite dry fast top coat.  I used Seche Vite.

Manicure Muse - Agnes B - Step 4

Manicure Muse - Agnes B

Today’s format is a little different.  Below you’ll see the shopping links heading.  Beneath that I decided to show each color I used in my nail design.  Be sure to check out the Buy It Now shopping links too!
Hope you enjoyed the post and stay tuned for more great nail art designs!

Shopping Links

Essie:  Winter 2013 Collection – Mind Your Mittens –  Buy It Now: $ $8.50


Essie:  Winter 2013 Collection – Parka Perfect-  Buy It Now: $ $8.50


Azature:  White Diamond Polish  –  Buy It Now: $25


Barielle Shades:  Sweet Treats Collection – Banana Drop –  Buy It Now: $25 (Sweet Treats Collection)

I had a hard time locating individual colors from the Sweet Treats Collection. So if you’re looking for a similar color to “Banana Drop”  try NLB94 Fiercely Fiona by OPI.  Buy It Now: $ 4.85

Manicure Muse - Agnes B - Banana Drop - Barielle

Disclosure:  Azature and Essie products mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer.  Barielle Shades I purchased myself.  All of the reviews are 100% my own opinion.  For further details visit my disclosure page.
(Photo credit:  Agnes B Runway Spring 2014 – The Cut // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)


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