Introducing Fautso Puglisi’s Pre Fall Collection for 2015!

Today’s nails were inspired by the bright and bold mix of animal prints used in this dress.  Loving the use of animal prints in Fautso Puglisi’s collection… Check it out the entire collection here on style.com
Also visit Fautso Puglisi’s website!

Now.. onto the nail art!

The Tools

Solid Red Nail Polish:  Zoya Livingston
Solid White Nail Polish – Azature – Faint White or OPI Alpine White
Black Nail Art Duo Pen/Striper – Art Club Black Nail Art Duo Pen
Dry Fast Top Coat – Essie Good To Go


Step 1:  Start off with solid red nails.  I used Zoya Livingston, but any bright red nail polish will work. 🙂


Step 2: Paint half way down each nail starting at the tip with solid white nail polish.  One coat should do the trick and don’t worry if your edge is wobbly, because you’ll be covering that up with a solid black stripe.
I used Azature Faint White for the tips.


Step 3:  Using a thin nail art striping brush or a nail art duo in black paint a thin black stripe across each nail covering the white edge.


Step 4:  Using the same nail art duo pen.  Paint a few thin wavy black lines for the zebra stripes over the white tips.  In the red area, using the dotting pen paint a few irregular black dots over each nail.  Seal in your design with one coat of your favorite dry fast top coat.  I used Essie’s Good To Go.



(Photo Credits:  Fautso Puglisi Pre-Fall 2015 Couture: Style.com // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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