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Essie Summer 14

Essie Urban Jungle

Introducing one of 6 new shades for Summer 2014!

A line up of 6 fabulous shades were recently released by Essie for Summer 2014 and I was lucky enough to get my hands on samples of each to share with you!

On the far right in the photo above is a creamy white bottle of nail polish with a pink undertone and it goes by the name Urban Jungle.

So here are my thoughts… at first i was super excited to see a new shade of white was introduced into the collection.  But, after trying it out i was less than thrilled.  I’m not a big fan of giving out bad reviews but not every polish can be a Winner.  Case in point with Urban Jungle.  Hmffff 🙁

To start off, it took me 3 coats to get a flawless opaque finish.  My first coat was very streaky, the second coat was better… and by the 3rd coat it was perfect.  But, I was definitely disappointed in the consistency of the polish and that it took so many layers to get the opacity I was hoping for.

Next off… I was a little taken back by the color.  It isn’t a cool creamy white as it appears in the bottle.  It has a pink undertone.  The shade isn’t bad, but it’s just a little misleading.  I was hoping for a creamy white and it’s just not that.  It has a dusty look which I don’t mind, but I was hoping for something a bit brighter.

I guess I’m mostly disappointed in the consistency of the polish and then I’d say the shade.  I wonder, if it had a better consistency, would that lead to a brighter shade?  Only the nail polish engineers at Essie can answer that question.

Anywhoo… the collection as a whole is cohesive and each of the colors work well together.  But if you’re looking for a solid white or off-white, I’d probably pass on this one.  My least favorite out of the collection would be Urban Jungle.  Here’s a swatch below…  It doesn’t look bad… I just didn’t get that WOW factor, that I got from some of the other colors in the collection like Roarrrange, Ruffles & Feathers, Strut Your Stuff & Haute In The Heat.


Try it out… and let me know… do we share the same feelings about Urban Jungle or did I just get a bad bottle of polish?  Stay tuned for more reviews of the rest of Essie’s Summer 2014 collection.

You can purchase the entire Summer 2014 collection by Essie at Nordstrom, Macys, Amazon, Zappos and CVS.  Suggested retail price is $8.50/ bottle… (but Amazon sells it for a little less)

(Photo Credits: Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this color, but the formula is bad, really watery. First time I also had to do three coats and it didn’t look even and it had a few bubbles. I took it off and decided to try it with a base coat first (I don’t do base and top coat usually) and with that the first layer turned out better more opaque still streaky but with the second coat it look great , way better than the first time. Urban jungle is a beautiful color to me but I think it’s more suited for fall

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