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For today’s Mani Monday post I decided to compare a few of my favorite shades of purple nail polish from various recent collections by Azature, Zoya and Essie.  Many times you’ll see a new nail polish released and say to yourself… How does this compare to one of my other favorite shades… So I  pulled out a few of my favorites to give you an idea of how they look side-by-side.


Purples-21. Azature Light Purple Diamond

2. Odette – Zoya

3. Warm & Toasty Turtleneck – Essie

4. Azature Light Pink Diamond

5. Brigitte – Zoya

Azature_Light_Purple1. Azature Light Purple Diamond

There are a few things I love about Azature’s Light Purple Polish.

I love how easy it is to apply this polish to your nails.  I attribute the fabulocity of this polish to the narrow long brush and superb formula which makes the polish consistency so great!  You won’t have to worry about that oh so annoying streaking effect with this shade!

Now, onto the color… I love this shade.  It casts a medium shade of lavender… not too bright and not dull.  It almost looks like a high end car enamel paint finish!  There’s a subtle shimmer to it which adds a special effect and really radiates the awesomeness!  It’s a perfect shade for all skin types too!

If you haven’t done it yet… splurge and pick up a bottle.  @ $20 it’s well worth it.. and if  left in a dry, cool, dark area, (medium temperature is fine.. i keep my house between 68-72 degrees) … meaning… don’t keep it in the fridge and don’t keep it in the car on a hot humid day.  Also always remember to keep the bottle cap on tight.   This stuff will last you a very long time!!  I’ll give you an idea… This particular bottle i’ve had for 3 months and it’s still going strong.  I’ve had my glitters by Azature for a year now and no need for thinning… The shelf life is great!

 Buy It Now: $25, HSN $25


3. Warm & Toasty Turtleneck – Essie

From the Winter 2013 Collection Warm & Toasty Turtleneck is a moderately priced nail polish that’s also a really pretty medium shade of purple it’s basically a no brainer!  Essie has been around for years so if you want to try out this color but don’t want to commit to buying it, then go to your nearest salon and give it a whirl. 🙂  Otherwise you can find this color in most nail salons, CVS, Target’s etc… almost every drugstore carries Essie.
Buy It Now: $5.65


4. Azature Light Pink Diamond

Another favorite from Azature although it say’s Light Pink.. it definitely casts a purplish hue.  Easy to wear, and great looking with a matte top coat too!  100% opacity and no streaks.  Another fabulous shade by Azature!

Buy It Now: HSN $25, $25



2. Odette – Zoya

From the Naturel Collection released in January 2014 by Zoya this one’s great for all of you who won’t try a polish unless it’s uber natural… and vegan friendly.  Zoya’s big claim to fame is it’s 5 FREE products…. sans all of those harsh chemicals and stuff… without boring you on ingredients, I’ll just provide you with the link to Zoya’s “About Us” page and you can be the judge.

Buy It Now: Odette $9


5. Brigitte – Zoya

Brigitte is a soft shade of mauve also from the Naturel Collection released in January 2014 by Zoya.  This one requires to coats but a perfect shade for those of you looking for a soft mauve color.  I still consider this in the shade of purples rather than pinks.  It’s on the cusp. 🙂

You can find Zoya nail polish in any Ulta Beauty Supply Store or online at

Buy It Now: Brigitte $9




Hope you enjoyed today’s polish comparisons!  Check back for more fun nail art on Tutorial Thursday with step-by-step instructions to get trendy fashion inspired nails!

As always thanks for stopping by!

(Photo Credits: Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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