Mani of the Day: Oscar De La Renta Spring 2014

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Mani of the Day: Oscar De La Renta Spring 2014


Hey there Nail Enthusiasts!

Fresh off the presses!  Here’s my latest installment of nail art inspired by Oscar De La Renta‘s Spring 2014 Collection shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 10, 2013.

Although this design may seem complex, it’s actually fairly simple.  For all you nail art fanatics, if you don’t mind a few extra steps, this design is a MUST TRY!

Besides the fact that I love it… I know it’s a winner when after 5 minutes of leaving the house I’m already getting compliments. 😉

Follow the simple steps below to get your own

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2014

Trendy Fashion Nails!

Links to products mentioned in this post can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Tools:

Small short bristle paint brush
Acetone polish remover

Nail Polish

  • White – Base Color – Alpine Snow OPI
  • Blue – Base Color – Sailor Zoya
  • Light Pink – pink flowers – French Affair Essie
  • Dark Pink –  pink flowers – Madison Ave Hue Essie
  • Red – Red Flowers – Siren Pure Ice
  • Orange  – Red/Orange Flowers – Atomic Orange OPI
  • Light Bright Green (Apple Green) – Leaves – Green Apple Chew Barielle
  • Dark Green – Leaves – Going Incognito Essie
  • Light Lavender – Optional – Purple Flowers – Light Purple Azature
  • Dark Lavender  – Optional Purple Flowers – Vant to Bite My Neck OPI
  • Black Nail Art Duo Pen – Polka Dots on White Nails – Black Nail Art Duo Pen Art Club
  • White Nail Art Duo Pen  – Polka Dots on Blue Nails – White Nail Art Duo Pen Art Club

Step 1

Start off with 1 coat of solid white and blue nails for your base colors.  I used Alpine Snow by OPI and Sailor by Zoya from Zoya’s 2013 Fall Cashmere Collection.




Step 2

Using your nail art duo pens in white and black.  Lightly squeeze the bottle to get an even flow of polish and dot your nails, alternating your dots on each row to create a flawless pattern.



Step 3

Wait for your dots to dry. (About 5 minutes.. or if you’re like me and can’t wait.. Dot your opposite hand and by the time you’re finished your other hand will be dry)

Step 4

Once they’re dry, the key to this design is to seal in your dots using 1 coat of clear nail polish.  Any clear will do.  My one suggestion would be to use a medium-thin coat like a base coat, rather than a dry fast top coat like Seche Vite which is very thick.

The reason for adding this step is to protect your dots from smudging when you create your flowers.  (There’s acetone involved in step 6.. keep reading and you’ll see what i mean)

Step 5

Now daub a few irregular shaped circles onto each nail using the lightest color first.  You don’t need a special brush for this step.  Just use the nail polish brush that comes with the bottle of polish you’re using.


Step 6 – Flower Swirl

Add a small dot of the darker color over the lighter colors.  For example:  Dot your light pink with the darker pink.  Dot your red with orange, purple with darker purple etc…

Here’s how you make your flowers… It’s important to do 1 nail at a time so that you swirl your top polish while it’s still wet.  After you dab your darker color over the lighter color, dip your short bristle paint brush into a bit of acetone and lightly swirl the top color into the lighter color.  The acetone thins out the polish and allows your to create an almost watercolor effect.

For a demonstration take a look at this great video by  Beauty Geeks or a step by step tutorial on Rebecca Likes Nails

Step 7 – Leaves

Using the same technique as the flowers.  Daub your light green in a few spots around your flowers and then follow up with a darker green.  Using the same acetone technique, swirl out your darker green over the lighter green to create a subtle shading effect in the leaves.

Step 8- Dry Fast Top Coat

Once your flowers and leaf petals are complete.  Seal off your design using 1 coat of dry fast top coat.  I prefer Seche Vite.  It leaves a beautiful high gloss shine!





Shopping Links

Dress by Oscar De La Renta for Spring 2014 – Not yet available in stores Visit for more salon fashions.

Oscar De La Renta –

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Top Coat –Seche Vite – Buy It Now: $4.85 

White – Base Color – Buy It Now: Alpine Snow OPI $6.65

Blue – Base Color – Buy It Now: Sailor Zoya $7.89

Light Pink – pink flowers – Buy It Now: French Affair Essie $5.68

Dark Pink –  pink flowers – Buy It Now: Madison Ave Hue Essie $5.74

Red – Red Flowers – Buy It Now: Siren Pure Ice $4.99

Orange  – Red/Orange Flowers – Buy It Now: Atomic Orange OPI $6.69

Light Bright Green (Apple Green) – Leaves – Buy It Now: Green Apple Chew Barielle $3.00

Dark Green – Leaves – Buy It Now: Going Incognito Essie $4.99

Light Lavender – Optional – Purple Flowers – Buy It Now: Light Purple Diamond Polish Azature $25

Dark Lavender  – Optional Purple Flowers – Buy It Now: Vant to Bite My Neck OPI $3.75

Black Nail Art Duo Pen – Polka Dots on White Nails – Buy It Now: Black Nail Art Duo Pen Art Club $4.00

White Nail Art Duo Pen  – Polka Dots on Blue Nails – Buy It Now: White Nail Art Duo Pen Art Club $4.00

(Photo Credit: Trend Council: Oscar De La Renta Spring 2014 Collection  // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
Disclosure:  I have no affiliation with the products mentioned in this article.  All of the nail polish in this post was purchased by me accept for the Zoya nail polish which was provided by the manufacturer.  For further details visit my disclosure page.



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