It’s Trendy Tuesday.. hope everyone enjoyed the weekend & didn’t get too fooled yesterday by April Fool’s Day 😉

Today’s blog is all about Magnetic Polishes… & of course I had to add a twist and add an accent nail to spice it up.

I picked up my first magnetic nail lacquer a few weeks ago. I was a little skeptical, wondering how and if it really works.

Magnetic Force® Steel of The Night

Magnetic Force® Steel of The Night

The polish is by a company named Color Club® and the brand Magnetic Force® color: “Steel of the Night”
It’s a gun metal shimmer gray. There’s a cap with a magnet on top which creates the cool design. Basically you paint a nail and while the lacquer is still wet, hover the magnet cap over your nail (about 1/4″) for 15-20 seconds and then Voila! A cool pattern appears on your nail.
Each magnetic polish has a different design shown on the cap for you to choose.
I think the concept is AWESOME!!!

The Trendy Nail
Polish Rating: ★★★★★
Polish: Magnetic Force®
Color: Steel of the Night

I love how the polish can be worn with or without the design and it glides on effortlessly.
I used 1 coat of polish to achieve this look & finished it off with 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Magnetic Force Nail Polish Steel Of The Night .33oz

Magnetic Force Nail Polish Steel Of The Night .33oz
You can buy this product at the following sites:
House of Beauty World– $4.95
Ricky’s – $6.99
BirchBox- $12.00

Animal Print Accent Nail

Base: Savvy® Femme Couture – Golden Honey

Spot: Essie #735 Hot Coco Amazon -$3.75

Spot Outline: Art Club : NA2 Black – $2.89
Art Club – Sally Beauty Supply – $2.79

I tried to find a vendor that sell’s Savvy polishes… still having a hard time locating it. I think I may have bought it at Sally’s Beauty Supply, but it doesn’t look like they carry this brand anymore. Any gold will work.

Have you tried magnetic polishes?
If so, which brand is your favorite?
Take this poll and weigh in your thoughts on Magnetic Polishes.

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