Mood Gel Polish

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Mood Gel Polish

LeChat Mood Gels

So, I’ve decided to delve into the Gel Polish market.  I just bought my first UV/LED light and 2 sets of gel polishes from LeChat.
DUO Lite by Starpro
I wanted to review the Mood Gel Polishes so you would know what you’re getting into.

I thought it would be fun to use it on my toes, since I’m constantly switching up my finger nails and didn’t want to commit to a color for 2 whole weeks.

Good thing i did, because these mood polishes are definitely moody!!

I tried out “Angel Breeze” by LeChat and I really loved the pink tone, until my feet went from cold to hot and all of a sudden the beautiful deep pink that was once on my 2nd and 3rd toe had turned a pale pink!  I’d have to say it’s a really cool concept accept if your fingers or toes are different temperatures you’ll have a variety of shades on your nails!

Its kind of funny actually… but not too much if you’re wearing sandals and every other toe is a different shade of pink!

Overall, i’d have to say … i’d rather wear a Mood Ring then moody polish!
I’m just happy I didn’t put it on my fingers.  🙂

For someone like me who’s a little OCD it’s not the best option.
But if you can tolerate your nails having HOT FLASHES.. then i’d say.. GO FOR IT and ask your manicure technician for gel mood polish and let me know what you think!

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