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Keep It Movin’!

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Good Morning fellow manicure enthusiasts!

Here’s a lil’ story for you… If you’re feeling like the world is gonna end… stuff just isn’t working out… you’re almost ready to give up… DON’T!
Always, keep it movin’! It will all work itself out!!!!

Its Wednesday early morning approaching 2am to be exact & I’m sitting on the phone with tech support for my web site.   Eager to find out why I have so many broken links, redirects to broken links & pages that just aren’t working!

Two hours later with no resolve and approaching a near nervous breakdown due to lack of sleep, I’m thinking to myself….  “What the &%$! am I doing?  Is this all really worth it?”

Just at that moment, when I thought “this is the end of The Trendy Nail”… my site’s all messed up… The guy on the other end of the phone said.. “Okay, I think i’ve got it.”  And just at that moment, after I refreshed my screen…. My site & post’s were back! Thank The Heavens!!!

So  I went to sleep… thinking okay.. it’s 5am.. i’ll get up at 11am and head to work and all will be back on track.  Little did I know that my site still wasn’t 100%… more like 50.  So once again.. It’s Thursday late morning and I’m on the phone with tech support, finally speaking to a supervisor who can hopefully fix things.  Luckily.. a few hours later he did just that!

Stressed out, I put on my gym clothes & headed to work to tie up some loose ends with the plan on hitting the gym at some point.  Still thinking about this blog, I of course had to dabble a bit.  Some may call it OCD.. I call it, having High Expectations & being a Perfectionist.

So now it’s approaching 8:30pm I get a call from my boyfriend asking “what I was doing & if I ever made it to work?”  I told him Yes… and I was about to hit the gym to get my leg workout in, if he wanted to train me?  To my surprise he said “Yes” (seeing as though he had just finished his power lifting training session)

So, now you’re wondering… What’s the point of this story Holly?…

Well here it is.  Even with the lack of sleep and uber self inflicted stress I managed to get it all done!
I fixed my website… (there’s still a bit more tweaking but it’s in a much better state) & Got my training session in & Squatted 140lbs for a single on my 9th set!

So all you girls & guys who say… manicures are for Sissy’s’…… Think Again!   I strength train hard & still have my nails looking FAB & Feeling Awesome!
Keep it Movin!  Alway’s keep reaching for that higher mark & NEVER give up!

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