KBShimmer Holiday Edition: 2015 Swatches & Reviews

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KB Shimmer WInter 2015

KBShimmer Holiday Edition: 2015 Swatches & Reviews

KBShimmer Holiday

Hey there nail enthusiasts!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I sure did!  I love Thanksgiving… not only do you get to indulge in some of the best holiday eats… but it’s also a great time to spend with people you genuinely care about whether near or far & that’s one of the best parts of Thanksgiving for me!  Plus, it also gives me an excuse to unload a few extra nail polishes to friends & family… and i know they love that perk too!

Now that Thanksgiving has come & gone… it’s time to start thinking about gift giving… & i’m pretty sure that almost every girl loves getting a brand new bottle of polish!
Here’s a few fun shades that i recently received from KBShimmer from their Winter/Holiday 2015 Collection.

Each bottle is $8.75
Purchase at www.kbshimmer.com or Amazon.com

KBShimmer Holiday Winter 2015

First is Toying Around by KBShimmer.  A charity polish where a portion of the proceeds is donated to Toys for Tots.

Here’s more details:  From November 2nd through December 15th, four dollars from the sale of each bottle of “Toying Around” sold on www.kbshimmer.com will be donated to the Terre Haute (the KBShimmer headquarters) chapter of Toys for Tots. Each bottle retails for $8.75

Let me start by saying that Toying Around is one of my favorite glitter top coats!  It’s a clear jelly base with giant bright, multicolored confetti flakes.  It’s the most unique glitter polish I’ve seen to date.
Like all glitter polishes it takes a little longer to remove.  But i can honestly say… it’s worth it!  It will last you a week and it will brighten up any boring manicure in seconds!
I’m wearing it below, over Chilly Pepper a clean bright red also by KBShimmer in their Winter/Holiday 2015 Collection.
I love how the confetti pops over the bright red!  If you’re into glitter polishes I’d highly suggest picking up a bottle of Toying Around for the holidays!

Toying Around -Chilly Pepper-KBShimmer Holiday

When I first got the package of KBShimmer polishes in the mail i was wearing a festive french manicure with Zoya Amal a Red Matte Velvet Polish & on my tips I added  Zoya Sue also from their matte collection.  Plus i added a bit of Essie Frilling Me Softly over the tips to add a bit of sparkle.
I was loving my existing manicure so much I figured lets see how this new confetti polish would look over the top.  So I added 1 coat over the top of my nails and absolutely LOVED IT!!!
The combination of all these colors revived my manicure and added a fabulous pop!  … i would most definitely recommend this combo to everyone!

Step 1:  Zoya Amal
Step 2: Apply a thin line across each tip using Zoya Sue
Step 3:  (for added sparkle) Wait for the Matte tips to dry and then lightly daub Essie Frilling Me Softly over the tips
Step 4:  Apply 1 generous coat of Toying Around by KBShimmer to each nail
Step 5: Wait for the glitter to settle and apply your favorite dry fast top coat to seal in your manicure.  I used Essie Good To Go.

Toying Around KBShimmer Holiday

Next is How Corn-y a confetti glitter polish with a neutral yellow-beige base.  I would have to say it’s not my favorite, just because it doesn’t complement my skin tone in the slightest.  I also wouldn’t wear this over another color because the base color of How Corn-y is opaque enough to stand alone.
If you have darker / olive tone skin this shade would probably look great on you!  But i wouldn’t recommend it for someone with pale skin.  It basically made my nails look washed out and dirty looking. 🙁  I was pretty bummed but I wouldn’t discount it completely.  There’s definitely a skin tone out there that this color would look fabulous on!

  • Darker toned skin… approved.
  • Pale toned skin… not approved.

What I liked about this was that the base color was definitely opaque, but only after 2 full coats.

How Corn-y KBShimmer Holiday

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a classic red!  I absolutely love this shade called Chilly Pepper also by KBShimmer.
What’s interesting was… at first i was skeptical because the first coat applied pretty shear.  But it dried fairly quickly and after my second coat my nails were fully opaque!  So, I was really happy with this shade.  Plus it didn’t leave any weird red staining to my skin or nails after removal… double bonus!

All and all.. I’d have to say… I’m sure there are dupes of this color out in the market… i mean, how could there not be?  There’s a million reds out in the market and Essie has trumped them all!… so what would make you want to buy KBShimmer’s over another comparable brand?  Well just like it’s competitors… KBShimmer is free of 3 Toxins… toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutylphthalate (DBP).  KBShimmer also contains the same amount of polish as a bottle of Essie or OPI.

There’s not much difference as far as product (regarding this red).  KBShimmer might dry a tad bit quicker between coats.  But the quick dry time is negligible.  So all in all, I would say, try something new… there’s not much to lose.  KBShimmer wears just as well as Essie or OPI and costs just about the same (.25 more than Essie).  So, go for it!  Expand your horizons and try out an Indie Brand!

PS.. KBShimmer has a lot of really cool holo’s that I’ve been wanting to try!  Check out their website www.kbshimmer.com and see what unique colors they have to offer!



(photo credits: Holly for thetrendynail.com)
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