It’s Mani Monday and what a Wonderful Monday it is!!!

IBSnewyork kicked off it’s amazing beauty show in New York at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on Sunday April 14th.

There are tons of new products being unveiled… Here’s one that stood out amongst the rest with regards to the natural nail industry!



Product: Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish
Azature - Pink, Red, Champagne

Azature Pogosian a fine jewelry designer is the creator of the world’s only nail polish containing black diamonds!  The Black Diamond Nail Polish Collection by AZATURE features 7 unique shades Black, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Canary and Champagne.

3-FREE POLISH!  NO Formaldahyde, NO DBP, NO Toluene

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

Each bottle contains one hand-placed black diamond inside.
Worn by celebrities like Britney Spears, Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert, Amy Poehler & Taylor Swift.
The world’s most expensive bottle of nail polish will be on display during the show.  It’s worth = $250,000,000!
Each bottle retails for $25.  I bought 3 shades!  Red, Pink and Champagne each individually signed by Azature Pogosian!
The  polish is MADE in the USA.  The diamonds are “conflict-free” and come from a mine in South America.
The polish glides on smooth and is ultra luxurious!  All shades can be worn with 1- 2 coats of polish, except the black polish which is meant to be an “accessory” meaning it’s worn on top of any color nail polish  including the black diamond collection shades to create a more sparkly, deeper look.  The black shade can be worn alone with 3 coats or more depending on the preference.

the trendy nail with AzatureHere’s a pic I took at #IBSNY at the Azature booth (booth:2424) With Azature himself! 

Make your fantasy’s come to Reality with Black Diamond Nail Polish
Each polish is matched to an actual diamond.
Pink is matched to a pink diamond, Red to a red diamond, Canary to a Canary Yellow diamond & so on…
A Natural Nail Fantasy!
What a great product for all you girls wanting diamonds… buy your own diamond nail polish by Azature!

Buy the Black Diamond Collection
You can buy your own bottle of diamond nail polish at
also available in-store at Fred Segal/Ron Robinson and select Kitson retailers in Los Angeles.