How-To Guide: Nail Stamping 101

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nail stamping 101

How-To Guide: Nail Stamping 101

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Hey there nail enthusiasts!
For those of you who struggle with nail stamping I have a few tips that might make what used to be daunting task a cinch!

I was lucky enough to get a sample of 2 new nail stamping plates from the reps at as well as a brand new clear jelly stamper & scraper!  For those of you who have tried out nail stamping, are well aware of how tedious and well, lets just say it.  How annoying it can be!

First of all, why they didn’t make clear jelly stampers from the get-go is beyond me?!  It’s hard enough having to master your quick reflexes just to get the entire pattern on the jelly stamp before the polish dries.  (Which is about a nano-second) Then to have to blindly line up the pattern, lets just say it’s absolutely asinine & a complete waste of time!  I’ve spent countless hours saying to myself… just stop & paint it free hand!
But my opinion of nail stamping suddenly changed when they manufactured the clear jelly stamper!!!!  ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT IDEA!!  (cue the heaven choral music)

Nail Stamping

As you see in the photo above it’s a clear jelly pad that sits inside a cylindrical piece of plastic.
It’s hollow on the opposite end, not only allowing you to look through and see the pattern, but it also gives you the ability to place it perfectly on your nail!

Now, don’t get too excited yet.  There’s one major step that every single company that sells these annoying nail stampers  forgot to tell you.  The key to making the stamper work is you have to PRIME YOUR JELLY STAMP FIRST!  It may work without priming at first … but i guarantee it’ll be a major challenge picking up the pattern multiple times unless you do this step.

I’ll tell you how to prime the stamper first and then watch my video below to see it in action.

NAIL STAMPING 101 – Prep Your Jelly Stamp
Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • Any kind of tape or even a sticky link roller

What you want to do is remove the shine from the jelly before you use it.  The best way to do this is by rubbing a Mr. Clean Eraser DRY over the top to dull or buff the surface of your clear jelly.

Next remove any residue or lint that may have attached itself to the jelly.  That’s where the piece of tape or lint roller comes in. 🙂

Now, you’re good to go and ready to start stamping!
By the way, not only is the Mr. Clean Eraser good for prepping your jelly stamper.  It’s great for cleaning your nail stamping plates too!  If you don’t have any lint free towels handy, just pour a little acetone on your nail plate and wipe away the excess polish with your Mr. Clean Eraser!  It works like magic!

PS.. i can’t take 100% credit for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser nail stamp priming idea… i saw another nail blogger demonstrating the idea on youtube & she admitted in her video that she didn’t come up with the genius idea either.  So, whoever discovered using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to prime your nail stamping jelly pad… THANK YOU!! 🙂

NAIL STAMPING 101 – Finding a great scraper

Another tip is to use a small plastic rewards card or old credit card to scrape the polish over your nail stamp plate.  I’m sure you have a few rewards cards laying around your house & before you throw them away now that everyone uses the App:  Key Ring which basically simplifies life and lessens your key chain load.  Now you can use those old reward cards for a nail polish scraper instead of tossing them.  I found the advantage of using a plastic card rather than the plastic scraper is you get a smoother scrape with the plastic card & it won’t scratch your metal nail stamp plates.

NAIL STAMPING 101 – Choosing the right polish

Choosing the right polish for nail stamping can be a bit tricky and tedious.  I’d recommend a quick drying base color for your base.  For me, Formula X from Sephora worked perfectly!
Choosing the best top color can be a bit trickier.  I would suggest something that doesn’t dry fast, but is still opaque and thick.  Zoya & Essie both worked well.  The key is once you put the polish on the nail plate and swipe it, you have about a nano second to reach for your nail stamper and pick up the design before the polish dries on the plate.

Take a look at my video below and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

NAIL STAMPING 101 – Nail Stamping Kits & Plates

Choosing the right nail stamping plate is also pretty important.  If the design isn’t etched into the plate, the chances of picking up the design with your stamper is slim to none.
Many bloggers swear by Konad Stamping Plates but i’ve never used them.
I received two new plates from Born Pretty and i’m happy with those.  I think the jelly stamp prep made all the difference in the world.  I even tried some older plates they had sent me thinking they sucked and after i prepped my jelly stamper they worked great! (clearly i was missing that step before)

Having a good jelly stamper & good plates are key!

Here’s what i used in my video below.
(I forgot to add the small Micheal’s rewards card I used for my scraper)

nail stamping

Here’s a direct link to the jelly stamper i am using and the two nail stamping plates.


BPL – 026 Nail Stamping Plate


BP-L 008 Nail Stamping Plate

Born Pretty Store

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Here’s a closer look at the base coat I used by Formula X called Latte Run.
Brand new & launching in March for #colorcurrators

Latte-Run Formula X

Plus check out this awesome give-away from Born Pretty Store!
Don’t forget to #bornprettystore & #bornprettystamping click the image below for details!
& Happy Stamping!

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I hope all my suggestions help ease the pain of nail stamping.  Once you get the hang of it, I think you’ll be hooked!
Feel free to drop me a message in the comment box below and let me know if my tips worked for you too!

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10% OFF Code- BAZQ10

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    Be careful not to rub too hard with the dry eraser when you prime your jelly Stamper or you will remove pieces of your jelly Stamper

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    Great article! Thought you might appreciate the Big Bling, from Clear Jelly Stamper who brought out the original, wait for it…clear jelly stamper. The Big Bling is bigger you you can see and pick up more polish in one go. Check it out:

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    Cool stuff! I love to be able to do these in the future!

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