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Hey there nail enthusiasts!
For today’s Holiday “How-To” nail design I decided to keep it simple and show you how you can dress up even short nails with a fun and easy holiday french manicure.
All you’ll need for this is a red nail polish, matte top coat and sparkly white polish for the tips.
I decided to skip the matte top coat for this design and use Zoya Posh a new limited edition holiday matte nail polish released this winter by Zoya.

It glides on sort of thick but the nice part about these matte colored polishes is they dry super fast and usually only require 1 coat.
The down side is they don’t last as long as the regular zoya polishes simply because you’re not applying a top coat.
So .. with that being said.. I’ll let you decide whether you want to splurge… I’d say if you can .. try out one or two shades…
I really like “Posh” it’s perfect for the holidays.. a really nice matte velvet crimson wine red.

The Tools

Red Nail Polish – Zoya Matte Velvet – Color: Posh
White Sparkly Polish – OPI Solitaire (Liquid Sand)
Nail Art striping brush
*optional (OPI Matte Top Coat if you’re not using Zoya Matte Posh)

  • The entire matte velvet collection by Zoya is available at your local Ulta beauty stores as well as www.zoya.com for $9/ bottle.


Step 1: After applying a clear base coat to your nails, paint one to two coats of Zoya Posh to each nail.

  • If you decide to use a regular red nail polish.. Then after applying the red to each nail apply 1 coat of matte nail polish over each nail.
    Allow a few minutes for your nails to dry and proceed with the next step.

Zoya-Posh Zoya-Posh MATTE

Step 2:  Using a thin nail art brush & paint a thin line across the tips of each nail using OPI Solitaire. I like using OPI’s liquid sand for my tips because it’s a thicker consistency which makes it really easy to use when painting a french.  Especially on shorter nails.
(Which Nail Art Brush To Use: depending on the length of your nails — short brush for short nails and long brush for longer nails)


& there you have it!  Very simple holiday french manicure nails!
Maybe next time i’ll paint a small santa hat on my ring finger.. just to add a lil’ holiday joy to the look!
Happy Holidays everyone!


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