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Dotticure the easiest way to dress up your nails!

I don’t know about you, but spending countless hours painting my nails is not my number one thing to do, especially on these gorgeous summer days!

So, one of my favorite quick and easy DIY manicures is called the “Dotticure”!

Some of you may already be familiar with this cute design technique especially with Pintrest on the rise!
But if you’re not here’s the scoop on the Dotticure!

It’s basically dots… where ever you want… either framing your nail, or over the tips you can keep them monochromatic or if you’re looking for something brighter my favorite is the multicolored dotticure on the tips or at the base of your nails!

Not only is it a cinch to do.. but you don’t need any special tools!  I used a dotting tool, but a simple toothpick works fine too!

These 3 new colors by Ginger + Liz are perfect for creating fun, bright summer manicures!
Here’s what you’ll need to create this fun and easy Summer Dotticure.


Step 1:  After applying your favorite clear base coat, paint 1 coat of Playing Innocent by Ginger + Liz over all your nails.

Making different size dots:  Here’s some tips when dotting your nails.

  • Pour some polish out on a piece of saran wrap.  (Tin Foil tends to dry out the polish quicker)
    Use this to dip your tool into, so you don’t dry out your bottle of polish.
  • If you’re using a toothpick, cut it in half so & use the fatter end and the thinner end to dot your nails.
  • If you’re using the end of a colored pencil… play with different sharpened tips … to create larger or smaller dots

Step 2:  Using your dotting tool dip one end into the bright lime green nail polish.
I used No Shade by Ginger + Liz.  Now all you have to do is dot away making large and small dots all over the tips of your nails gradually going towards the base but not all the way down.


Step 3: Repeat step 2 but use a bright coral, pink nail polish.  I used Don’t Kill My Vibe by Ginger + Liz.


Lastly… seal in your dotticure with your favorite dry fast top coat.  I started using CND Vinylux (7 Day Top Coat) & had great results from it.  My manicure didn’t start to lift or chip until about the 4th or 5th day & that was after doing a lot of lifting (in the gym)



Give this fun manicure a try!  I guarantee you’ll get endless compliments!

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