It’s Wednesday night around 11pm and i’m finally strolling in from a late night at work and a rigorous gym training session … Still having not ate dinner, my plan was to eat my take-out & get ready for bed.  As per usual, my plans changed.
Once I arrived home I was pleasantly surprised by a package from GEL II!!

Of course, like most nail fanatics I was pretty excited… so i swallowed down my dinner and proceeded to open the box goodies.
Take a look below

Gel II Goodie Basket

The package contained several Gel II™ soak of polishes, 2 Reaction polishes, 1 Glow in the dark polish, Xtreme Shine Top Coat, Gel II™ Organic Cuticle Oil, Gel II™ Nail Cleanser and 2 bottles of Polish II – natural nail polish

After opening the box i really tried to resist and just go to bed.. but this little voice inside my head kept saying… Just try one…. it won’t take long.

So, as the clock struck midnight I had begun organizing my polishes and introduced them to their new home.  Without hesitation, I tried out a few of the polishes.. the main being Reaction Mood Gel Polish.. just on 1 finger.  (But, of course it didn’t stop there)  😉

For those of you who are not familiar with the Gel II™ line … let me give you a little background info.
Created by La Palm® Products located in Wichita Kansas.  The draw of Gel II™ Soak Off Gel Polish is that it does NOT require a Primer, Bond-Aid or Base Coat!  It’s a 2 step process cutting down on prep time as well as layers of gel on your nail.  Ultimately giving you a luminous nail color that applies faster, feels thinner and lasts longer than competing gels in the market.  They boast it actually lasts up to 21 DAYS!  Added bonus… for those of you afraid of UV lamps, it cures via LED or UV bulbs!

A little about

Reaction Gel Polish by Gel II™

Gel II™ recently released it’s newest collection for the Spring.  Reaction gel polish, a collection of 12 new chic colors that transform into vibrant bold hues.  Temperature activated color changing gel polish works on natural nails and even acrylic!  It’s not a “mood” polish, rather it’s activated by temperature.  Luminous hues vary depending on how hot or cold to the touch the nails are.

Take a look at my nails when they are cold



When they start to warm up the color begins to change…


To get this look I used 2 thin coats of Reaction Champaign Fizz R128 for my base color, curing for 60 sec. in an LED light after each coat.  Then I applied a little drag art to the corner of my nails.  2 diagonal lines with a striping brush of By The Bay G095 & Midnight Black G003.  Cured for 60 sec. and added 1 final finishing touch.  A thin line of  Disco Daisy G139 for a little bling accent and cured for another 60 sec.  Lastly I topped it off with 1 thin coat of  Xtreme Shine Top Coat by Gel II™ , cured for another 60 sec. and wiped my nail with 70% alcohol to remove the sticky residue and voilla!

Removal process takes between 10-15 minutes.  For directions on proper use of Gel II soak off polishes download it here Application/Removal

My overall thoughts on the Reaction Gel Polish…

I think it’s a really cool concept and definitley fun and different.  I’m not 100% fond of the transition process.  It doesn’t change as evenly as I had hoped.  Something that is unavoidable due to fluctuating temperatures…  If your hands are at an “in between” temp the probability that your nails will be different colors is very high.  Eventually they all regulate though… but for me,  someone who likes things perfect and regulated… it was a bit distracting  to watch while transition effect took place.. and I must add.. it happened throughout the day!  … a side comment.. I wish that the Champaign Fizz transitioned to a lighter pink rather than a cloudy clear…  I did notice that the other Reaction Polishes actually do transition from one color to another so I am going to have to try out a few more colors and swatch them.

A really cool concept and love how the Gel II polish feels on my nails, but I’d rather wear the Reaction Polish as an accent nail or a detail effect rather than a full set.  Def. something you must try and if you do your own gels it’s a must have for your gel polish collection! Who knows.. maybe you’ll be hooked!

Check out this video i took showing how quickly the Reaction gel polish transitions between colors based on temperature.


Visit to get the entire system or even try out their natural nail polish line Polish II.  (I’ll be swatching that later this week)
If you’re planning on doing your own gel II manicures there’s a few things you need.

  1. Nail Cleanser
  2. Gel Polish
  3. LED/UV Lamp
  4. Buffer
  5. Cuticle Oil
  6. Soak OFF gel solution
  7. Rubbing Alcohol 70%

Each gel manufacturer suggest different tools and prep work, so whichever gel system you  plan on using check first with the company so you’re fully prepared when you’re ready to start your gels!

Join in the conversation…  Thoughts, questions… share your opinions on Gels vs. Natural Nails

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