Frankenweb Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

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Frankenweb Halloween Nail Art Tutorial


Halloween is only a few days away… so if you’re looking for some cool nail art inspiration… here’s a frankenstein/spider web combo perfect for Halloween!

In the photo below I’m wearing a combo of gel polishes.  But you can easily duplicate this look with natural nail polish as well.
For my gel nails I used the following colors:
Sheer Light Pink Base Color:La Princesse” Perfect Match by Le Chat
Tips: “Flawless White” by Le Chat
Black details:  “Midnight Black” by Gel II and a small striping brush. 
Gold dot details in the spider web: Oh What A Knite” by Gelish
Top Coat: Gel Polish “Top Coat” by Essie  

Cured with my LED Light for 1 minute between coats.

These nails lasted me 2 whole weeks & with daily oil maintenance & the proper soak off method my bare nails were extremely healthy with zero damage.


Below is a detailed step by step tutorial showing you how you can get these trendy halloween nail designs in minutes right at home!


For the Spider Web Nail design all you need is a nail art striping brush and the color for your base and tips color if you want to create a french manicure with a design on top.  In this tutorial I used brand new colors from Essie’s Winter 2014 collection.

The Tools

Base Color:  2 Coats of “Tuck It In My Tux” by Essie
Nail Tips:  1 swipe across the top of each nail with “Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low” by Essie
Black Web:  Black Nail Art Striping Brush  by Nubar
Dots in Web:  “Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low” by Essie


For the Frankenstein Nail Tutorial I tried a variation from the gel polish frankenstein nails shown above.

I used 2 coats of  Tuck It In My Tux” by Essie for my base color and the same Black Nail Art Striping Brush  by Nubar for the stitched details.


These two designs are super easy to recreate! Try these designs at home and share your Halloween nail art recreations using the hash tag #thetrendynail

Happy Halloween!


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