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Today’s nail art was inspired by this super fab glitzy party dress designed by Thornton Bregazzi for the Preen Pre-Fall 2015 Collection.
For more cool clothes from the Preen line check out,, and

I recently purchased Glitter Off base coat by OPI which claims to be the first “peel off” nail polish base coat, perfect for stubborn glitter polishes.
So.. what better way to try it out then on a super glittery nail polish design.

Here’s what I used to get this look.
Glitter Off Base Coat by OPI
Glitter Red – Rare as Rubies by Morgan Taylor
Glitter Red – Azature Red by Azature
Black – Licorice by Essie
Generic thin nail art striping brush


Step 1:  I painted a thin coat of Glitter Off by OPI over my bare nails.
As you can see below… It paints on creamy white, but then dries perfectly clear. (See my pinky finger)


Step 2:  I painted one coat of Morgan Taylors Rare As Rubies red glitter polish.  Rare as Rubies just wasn’t deep enough and i needed a smooth base for my plaid design, so I painted another coat of Azature Red over each nail to enhance the glitter sparkly red.  A perfect blend for sparkly red nails.



Step 3: Using my black nail polish and a thin striping brush I painted 1 thick and two thin diagonal lines across each nail.


Step 4: In the opposite direction I painted 3 thick diagonal lines with one thin in between the first and second line.
(The pattern goes like this: Thick, Thin, Thick, Thick)

Finishing up with 1 coat of Essie Good To Go for my fast drying shiny top coat.


All and all i love this design.  The Glitter Off Base Coat worked really well too.  Actually a little too well if you ask me.  I painted my nails and the following day after going to the gym about 4 nails completely popped right off!  As if I was wearing nail transfers or press on nail art!  I couldn’t believe it!  The one positive about the glitter off is that my nails looked really hydrated, so the base coat didn’t dry them out at all which was a big concern of mine.  So… with that being said.  I’d have to say… it’s not bad to try out… but be prepared that your nails might not last too long.


(Photo credits:  Preen Pre-Fall 2015- // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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