A CLOSER LOOK: Essie Winter 2014 Collection

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A CLOSER LOOK: Essie Winter 2014 Collection

Essie Winter 2014 Collection

Essie 2014 Winter Collection: Swatches & Reviews

So, you think they couldn’t come up with another set of 6 original and fun new colors for Winter 2014?  Well, think again!
Essie, the brand that 99.99% of all women have grown to wear & love has recently released it’s Winter Collection consisting of 6 new colors!


Essie FUN FACT #1
For those of you unaware, Essie always headlines every collection with one color.  They’ve kicked off their Winter 6 with “Jiggle hi, jiggle low” a shimmery, sparkly molten gold.  Perfect for the holidays!  Trying something different Essie decided to stick with warm shades ranges, playing off the perfect holiday red and walking down the color wheel ending up with a warm silky ivory shade.

Don’t be disappointed ladies, there’s still one hidden surprise in the collection.  It’s the perfect holiday platinum gold called Jiggle hi, jiggle low.  Perfect in my eyes … just ’cause it lacks the big chunky glitters but still packs a big impact with it’s platinum gold finish.  Shimmery without the flecks! BOOM!

This collection definitely targets the sophisticated 20+ somethings.  Any women looking for a fresh clean color for winter will love this collection.  There’s an appeal for everyone.  The 20 somethings and the 60-70 somethings… no matter what age there’s a shade for you.  If you’re bummed there’s not a purple represented… well don’t be.  Essie’s Winter 2014 Collection was targeted to coordinate with the fashion shades for winter.  Orange is in… and so are neutrals.  Sorry but plums just haven’t made Essie’s cut this season.

I am 100% NOT disappointed by any means in the color selections Essie chose to represent for Winter.  I absolutely love each and ever shade.  I have absolutely no complaints.  The only thing i’d say is the similarities are close between shades… so definitely review your Essie collection, so not to make a duplicate color choice.  But if you’re a newbie or just one of those ladies that can’t have enough shades of Red in their polish arsenal (like myself) then check it out… You’ll especially love the deep red called Jump in my jumpsuit.

Each of the colors can be purchased for $8.50 and available at your local CVS, nail salon and pretty much all over the US in beauty destinations nationwide!

Essie Winter 2014 Collection

Jiggle hi, jiggle low – Essie Winter 2014
Jump in my jumpsuit – Essie Winter 2014
Double breasted jacket – Essie Winter 2014
Bump up the pumps- Essie Winter 2014
Back in the limo – Essie Winter 2014
Tuck it in my tux – Essie Winter 2014

So without further ado.. check out my close ups of each color and my reviews.

Jump in my jumpsuit – Essie Winter 2014 (shown on my thumb)
Characterized as a jubilant juicy red.  I totally agree!  Easy to apply with 2 coats as shown on my thumb.  It’s a great, classic warm deep red.  (will oxidize in the sun and appear deeper as the days go on.. not sure how this can be corrected.)  But all and all a fabulous color… especially for those of you who love warmer shades of red.


Double breasted jacket – Essie Winter 2014 (shown on my index finger)
Characterized as a passionate tourmaline ruby.  Not so sure what all that means without having to google it… but i can say it’s a creamy shade a few steps lighter than Jump in my jumpsuit.   Extremely opaque in finish and also streak free with 1-2 coats  A really pretty shade … you could even call it a medium warm deep passion pink.


Double-Breasted-Jacket - essie

Bump up the pumps- Essie Winter 2014
A few shades lighter than the colors above but still sticking with the warm red tone family is Bump up the pumps.  A warm coral mauve.  Unfortunately my photo doesn’t represent the color as well as I had hoped.  It’s a bit warmer and redder in person.  But besides my junky lighting this shade is another winner in my book.  Opaque and streak free with 2 coats.


Back in the limo – Essie Winter 2014
Heading towards the lighter shades we have a really pretty creamy melon tone called Back in the limo.  (Don’t you just love the color names! haha)  Back in the limo is a really pretty soft shade easily worn with a french mani too!  Loving this shade for anyone seeking a softer semi- sheer shade for winter with a warm pink undertone.  Shown with 2 coats.. and guess what?!  No Streaks! *NOTE: I highly recommend applying a matte top coat over your clear base coat  prior to applying this color to insure a streak free finish.  I’ve been having great success with OPI’s matte top coat.  Essie also makes a matte top coat called Matte about you.


Tuck it in my tux – Essie Winter 2014 (shown on my pinky finger)
Described as a silken ivory creme, Tuck it in my tux is one of my favorite ivory’s.  It’s brighter and cleaner than Marshmallow.  Similar to the 2014 Wedding collection color “She Said Yes” by Essie but without any sparkles.  The formula is almost perfect but it definitely takes 2 coats for a perfect streak free finish.  I would highly recommend applying a matte top coat prior to applying the sheer colors in this group which are Tuck it in my tux and Back to the limo.

tuck-it-in-my-tux essie

Lastly it’s
Jiggle hi, jiggle low
– Essie Winter 2014
Molten platinum gold, fully opaque between 1-2 coats.  Also looks great as the tip color over Tuck it in my tux for a french manicure.


So there you have it!  Essie’s 6 fabulous shades for this holiday season.  Perfect for the chic, modern fashion savvy woman!
Which is your favorite shade for this holiday season?

Drop me a message in the comment box below!


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