Hey There Nail Enthusiasts!
If you didn’t know about Essie’s latest collection released this November for Winter 2013, well now’s the time to check it out!  I recently received the entire Winter 2013 Collection to test and boy was I impressed!  I couldn’t find a single fault in any of the shades! So instead of gabbing anymore… I’ll let you be the judge …

Introducing you’re new shades for Winter 2013 by Essie!

1. Warm & Toasty Turtleneck Buy It Now: $5.65
A gorgeous medium shade plum.  Full coverage, no streaks and would look great with a matte top coat too!  I absolutely adore this shade and would suggest applying 2 coats max.  A perfect color for just about any event and pretty much any outfit.  I Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shade!

Warm And Toasty Turtleneck


2. Parka Perfect- Essie – Buy It Now: $4.90
Another Trendy Nail Favorite!!  Once again… this medium shade of teal gives full coverage without streaking and would also look great with a matte top coat too!  What I liked most about Parka Perfect is the subtle hint of shimmer that’s revealed after the first coat hits your nails.  Again, I absolutely adore this shade and would suggest 2 coats for full coverage.  Another versatile shade that can easily blend with pretty much any outfit.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shade too!

Parka Perfect - Essie

Parka Perfect - Full Swatch

3. Shearling Darling- Essie – Buy It Now: $5.80 ,
Mani & Pedi Favorite!!  If you’re looking for a deep burgundy, then Shearling Darling is your GO-2!  A rich full coverage deep red that applies smooth and evenly without streaking.  A great shade for toes too!  Very similar to Masquerade Bell by Essie.  Another favorite this shade was made for all you Red Nail Lovers!  I would definitely suggest is applying 2 coats for fabulous drop dead gorgeous nails!  PS.. don’t hesitate if you don’t have long nails.  I actually filed mine down a little shorter than normal and I loved the way it looked!  Long or short nails… this colors JUST FAB!



4. Toggle To The Top – Essie – Buy It Now: $5.89
Below I tried Toggle To The Top over Shearling Darling and it gave my nails an Ultra POP effect making them shine like Red Ruby’s!
You can see how it looks alone on my pinky finger.  Toggle To The Top is a sparkly red based polish that can be worn alone or apply 1 coat over a similar shade  red will only enhance the Ruby appearance.  Requires 2 coats for full coverage or 1 coat over a solid base polish.



5. Mind Your Mittens – Essie – Buy It Now: $5.85
A rich, deep shade of teal that also applies smooth and evenly after the first coat.  I would recommend 2 coats for full, long lasting coverage.  I’m usually a bit apprehensive when it comes to wearing teals but I absolutely adore this shade!  2 words to describe it… Sophisticated and Edgy!  I love the fact that it’s muted & would look fabulous with a matte top coat & take it one step further.. Try it with Matte Tips!


6. Sable Collar – Buy It Now: $5.70
Saving my favorite for last.. Sable Collar is a rich shade of cocoa plum with a gorgeous luminescent sparkle.
I’ve never seen a shade like this and absolutely love it!  Again Sable Collar applies smooth and evenly without streaking and I would also recommend applying 2 coats.  Great for all skin tones too, Sable Collar is a MUST HAVE for Winter 2013!



And there you have it!  The 6 new shades for Winter 2013 by Essie!  A great stocking stuffer at only $8.50 a bottle they’re a MUST HAVE this holiday season!
If there’s any type of design you would like to see using these colors, just let me know!  Otherwise, stay tuned for some more fun nail art on the way!

Shopping Links

Check your local salon for the Winter 2013 Collection by Essie.
You can also purchase the collection at CVS, Ulta & Kohls for $8.50/ bottle

or you can shop for better deals online at … check out the links below!

Warm and Toasty Turtleneck – Essie – Buy It Now: $5.65
Parka Perfect -Essie Buy It Now: $4.90
Shearling Darling -EssieBuy It Now: $5.80
Toggle To The Top -EssieBuy It Now: $5.89
Mind Your Mittens -Essie Buy It Now: $5.85
Sable Collar -Essie Buy It Now: $5.70

Also check out all the shades at  and the newest collection to launch this December called “Encrusted Treasures”… swatches & reviews out next week!

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(Photo Credit:  Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)