Essie Fall 2018

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essie fall 2018 collection

Essie Fall 2018

essie fall 2018 collection

TGIF Nail Peeps!
Feels like forever since i’ve swatched a full nail polish collection!  Life’s been super busy, but I have a bit of down time now, so I’ll get back to doing more nail art tutorials and collection reviews for you all.

Today’s review is of the new

Essie Fall 2018 Collection

First off… i’ll start by saying how amazing this collection is.  Essie seems to have adjusted their formula a bit and converted the brushes  from the usual narrow brush to a wider brush, similar to the brushes in their gel couture line.  I actually really like the thicker brushes because it makes polishing really quick and easy.  Especially when you have shorter nails like mine.
I also found that the thicker brushes prevented streaks.  Maybe it’s their new formula for this collection, but I didn’t have a single issue with streaking on any of the colors.  I also only needed 1 coat for all the shades!
So…. my overall thought on the Essie Fall 2018 collection is…. if there’s a shade you like… definitely pick it up!  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the changes Essie has made.  Lets hope it stays!

The new Fall 2018 Collection will be available mid-august!

 it takes a west village – essie fall 2018 – $9
A light mauve with purple subtle gray tones

For those of you looking for a creamy nude pink check out “it takes a west village”  It’s a warm mid-toned pink… absolutely love it!  A great transitional color to fall.  No streaks & opaque after the 1st coat.


stop, drop & shop – essie fall 2018  – $9

Another favorite of mine.  A mulberry red… deeper than a pink but lighter then a deep red.  Those of you who like to wear warmer colors and want an in-between shade of red… stop, drop & shop is it!  Opaque after the first coat & glides on smooth and evenly.  LOVE!!!!

stop-drop-&-shop essie fall 2018

say it aint soho – essie fall 2018  – $9

A copper golden rust with some shimmer undertones.  A nice shade for fall.  I’m usually not big on wearing shimmery rust tones but this one’s very nice.  Warm toned and also applied smooth and evenly after the first coat.
Only issue with this shade is due to the shimmer flecks when you remove the color you might need to wash your hands before doing a polish change.  Just something to think about…. kind of always the issue i’ve found with shimmers.

say-it-aint-soho essie fall 2018

fall for NYC – essie fall 2018  – $9

Described as a mustard yellow i found fall for NYC more of a creamy tangerine.
I was really surprised when i put this one on.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it looks really nice too.  Not sure if i’d wear it all the time… but it’s definitely a nice switch for those of you looking for something neutral, but still want a subtle hint of color.  If you have darker skin obviously this one will pop!   Lighter skin tones it’s subtle and blends nicely.  No issues with streaking.  Shown here with 1 coat!


empire shade of mind – essie fall 2018  – $9

A gun metal metallic silver.  If you’re looking for liquid silver nails… this isn’t the shade.  It’s a basic gun metal metallic.  As you can see in my swatch I only used 1 coat and it seems streaky, but it wasn’t.  There is a lot of movement to the shade due to the silver formula they used.  It’s almost like metal but still has a bit of shimmer to it.  Not my favorite… but if you’re a big silver fan or looking for a shade to match an all black outfit w/ metal accents give it a try.


booties on broadway – essie fall 2018 – $9 

A creamy midnight blue… my only issue with booties on broadway is since it’s highly pigmented it might stain your cuticles a bit.  If you don’t have a steady hand and you tend to get more nail polish on your skin then your nails this one’s going to be a bit of a challenge cleaning up.  I used acetone to clean up my mistakes and i had to apply some cuticle oil afterwards, so to not dry out my nails.  Provided you wear a clear base coat before applying this shade, you won’t have any issues with staining your actual nail.

booties-on-broadway-essie fall 2018

The Essie Fall 2018 collection launches mid-august.  You can find them at your local nail salon and beauty stores nationwide.  Ulta and CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond also carry the brand.

Hopefully this review helps you all. I’d love to hear from you. Which will be your favorite essie fall shade this season?


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  1. I may be investing in the stop, drop & shop shade I like these types of shades for fall. Thank you for the review.


  2. Mollie says:

    Oooo baby..I love It takes a west village and Say it ain’t soho. Adore the fall colors!

  3. Lisa says:

    It’s nice that they changed the brush. I also love a thick brush, it’s easier to work with. I prefer darker colors in the fall, although orange shades are also good.

    • Lindzie Head says:

      Do you feel that navy would replace After School Blue Blazar? Or is it lighter?

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