TUTORIAL THURSDAY: Emillio Pucci Pre-Fall 2015 Inspired Nail Art

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TUTORIAL THURSDAY: Emillio Pucci Pre-Fall 2015 Inspired Nail Art


Here’s another fun nail art design inspired by the recent collection from the Emillio Pucci Pre-Fall 2015 Collection.
Inspired by the cool zig zag lines in this super modern Pucci dress I thought it would actually be a really simple design to recreate!
Boy, was I in for a lil’ surprise!  What seemed to be super simple was a bit complicated but once I figured it all out it wasn’t that bad.

Here’s what you’ll need to create this cool trendy nail design.

The Tools

Bright Pink Nail Polish:  Madison Ave- Hue by Essie
Black Nail Striper:  Black by Art Club (Any generic black striping nail polish will work)
Bright Red Nail Polish:  Silken Cord by Essie
Dark Gray Nail Polish:  Claudine by Zoya
Beige Nail Polish:  Chantal By Zoya
Medium Nail Art Striping Brush

Nail Art Tools

Step 1:  Start off with solid beige nails.

Step 2: I found it to be a lot cleaner and easier to fill in the pink first.  So fill in solid pink about 3/4 of your nail leaving the cuticle area beige.
(If you over painted, you can always fill in the gaps with the other colors)

Step 3:  Using a bright red nail polish and a small striping brush paint an irregular zig zag across your nail, over the pink edge.

Step 4:  Using a black striping brush paint another irregular zig zag mountain shape in the pink area towards the tip of your nail leaving some pink showing thru between the red and the black.
Also add a smaller gray line at the outer red corner near your cuticle

Seal in your design with one coat of your favorite dry fast top coat and if your looking for a matte finish add 1 coat of matte nail polish to finish off the look!



(Photo credits:  Emillio Pucci Pre-Fall 2015- Style.com // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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