Dragonfly French Manicure

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Dragonfly French Manicure

Dragonfly French Manicure

I love how Avantgarde nail designs, colors and accent nails have been accepted as the latest trend in today’s fashion.
A few years ago my little cousin came over and decided to dabble with my polishes.   She chose a different color for each nail and at the time I was thinking… Oh boy.. this is going to look like a crazy mess!  Who knew she was onto one of the most the cutting edge trends hitting nails today!

Adding a cute design can spice up any average old manicure.
Here’s my take on a cute twist to a classic french manicure.

Dragonfly French Manicure for Spring!

Dragonfly French Manicure

Dragonfly French Manicure

Here’s how to get the look
On creating the flawless french please see my latest post “Classic French Manicure”

Creating cute Dragonfly Nails

  1. Dab a little black polish on a paper plate.. or any flat surface..
    (I used the lid of an empty cottage cheese container.. had to get my protein in for a snack. 🙂 )
  2. Make the Dots: Take an Old Pen or a Toothpick  (I used a retractable pen in this picture)
    Practice First!  Practice on another surface ie. paper plate.  Dip the tip of the pen into the black lacquer and practice your dots.  You want the first dot to be the largest, gradually making the dots smaller as you go.
  3. Create the Wings: Once you have your dots on your nail using the same black polish… take a thin brush I used Art Club – Black  (it has a thin brush great for making designs & stripes)  make an oval or even a half-moon and fill in the middle w/ the black.  You can pretty much do this step in 2 strokes b/c the space is small.
  4. Silver Accent:  Accent the black wings with a brush stroke of silver I used Art Club – Silver  Glitter  but any silver glitter will do.
  5. Complete the look with 1 coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for a glossy professional finish!

And there you have it!
Let me know your favorite spring nail design.  Or try this one and let me know how it comes out!
Have fun polishing, designing and dressing your naked nail!

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