Stop Nail Biting For Good With DERMELECT RESIST

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Dermelect Resist Shatter

Stop Nail Biting For Good With DERMELECT RESIST

Dermelect RESIST

Put an end to nail biting & bring your nails back to life!

Hey there nail and beauty enthusiasts… so sorry that it’s been a minute since my last blog post… life’s been really busy lately.  In case you didn’t know one of my other hobbies that i spend a lot of time (in addition to my full time job) on is powerlifting – squat, bench & deadlift.  I’m actually prepping for a meet in November that i’m pretty excited about and looking forward to seeing vast improvements to my BIG 3 lifts!  Until then i have to share with you a product that has been a HUGE game changer for me!
I reached out to reps for Dermelect asking them for a sample of a new product they were launching called “RESIST” (nail bitting inhibitor w/ nail strengthening peptides).

Dermelect Resist

Before i talk about the product i’m going to back track a bit….

I’d have to say, for the past year i’ve been going through a lot of life changes, one of which was a big break-up with my 5+ year boyfriend, causing me to make to re-evaluate a lot of things. Yes, i went through my sad phase… not being kind to myself… beating myself up mentally and of course the over eating didn’t help matters either.  If you follow me on Instagram (formerly @thetrendynail) now @manis_and_muscles you might be saying to yourself, “You don’t look like you gained weight or look sad”  Well, all i can say in response to that is… All is not always what it seems and without going through a whole sob story, i’ll just paraphrase by saying I’ve come out 110% stronger both mentally and physically.   I’ve focused on my training, spent a lot of time with people (friends) that genuinely care about me and overall just keep doing things that make me happy.
It’s been a year of learning and re-discovery and I firmly believe that i’ve become a better version of me because of it!

So, in case you’re going through a rough patch… don’t give up and stay positive.  Every day is a new day and if one day drags you down, just remember tomorrow is a whole new day!  You are in charge of YOU and no-one can change or take that away!
So… with that being said… my nails were definitely the shortest they’ve been in a while… and it was starting to stress me out.  Not a great look being a nail blogger with shabby looking nails. 🙁

I decided to be proactive, start feeling better about myself, make better choices and make a conscience effort to start everyday with confidence and positivity!  I also started using 2 nail products one is Probelle Nail Strengthener 2 and a few weeks ago I received Dermelect RESIST to prevent me from falling back into that horrible habit of nail bitting!

I firmly believe after using Dermelect RESIST for 2 weeks straight, my nails instantly began to grow longer and stronger.  Probably due to the fact that if i did try and bite my nails i would get a horrible taste that is most definitely a HUGE deterrent and worth avoiding at all costs! lol

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals — RESIST Nail Bite Inhibitor + Restorative Treatment ($15.00), available now!

RESIST is a dual-purpose clear nail polish that gives off a distinct bitter taste to discourage nail biting and thumb sucking. (no, i don’t suck my thumb…lol)  Additionally, it’s the FIRST peptide-infused, nail strengthening treatment that will work to restore damaged nails and cuticles while promoting healthy nail growth.

Dermelect Resist Shatter

Here’s the bullet points..


  • Helps deter nail biting and thumb-sucking
  • Works to restore healthy nails and cuticles
  • Use as both a base or high-shine top coat
  • Recommended for children 3 and over

Now the professionals at DERMELECT say the following:

Apply 1-2 coats as a base coat or over nail polish and allow it to dry. Remove and repeat the application every two days.

I actually didn’t remove and repeat every 2 days because my manicure would last me about 5-7 days.  Only until i was ready to change my polish would i remove and re-apply as my top coat.
I even used it as a base coat too.  So, the bitterness does not wear off and doesn’t have a weird smell either.

SIDE NOTE:  In case you have a significant other that happens to like sucking on your fingers & you’re wearing RESIST…  😉 i’d suggest giving a little fore-warning. lmao

All in all i really recommend using RESIST.  Yes, it’s a bit pricey… $15 but it’s worth it.  It’s the best clear Nail Biting Preventative polish i’ve ever used.  A long time ago i tried another cvs store bought generic nail biter polish and although it worked you couldn’t wear it alone.  It left my nails with a funny yellow matte tinted shade.  Dermelect RESIST will not do this.  It won’t leave a bad residue on your nails or a funky smell.  Easy to remove and will get your nails strong if you use it as a base coat as well!   Plus it’s free of harmful chemicals DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde free!


At the moment RESIST is only available for purchase directly Dermelect’s website.  Here’s the link:

You can find other nail polish shades and beauty products from Dermelect on but RESIST is sold directly on Dermelect’s site for $15.

Dermelect Resist Bottle

Heres’s a little “live” video post from my Facebook Page showing you how my nails are finally FRENCH MANICURE READY thanks to these two products!!! WOOHOOO!


(photo credits: Dermelect)


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  1. Erin says:

    Can I use the Makeover polish as a base and/or top coat for my gel nails? I use a UV light. Just wanted to check first! Thanks!

    • Holly says:

      Not sure what the “Makeover” Polish is you’re referring too. But the “Resist” would not be applicable to gel nails. Only for natural nails.

  2. Jenn says:

    Does this polish leave behind the bad taste if you’re the type of person who peels off their polish too? I tend to peel off polish, and had found a good “no-bite” polish that left the bad taste behind, even if I peeled it off, but I’m having a hard time finding that polish anymore.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Jenn,
      I know what you’re talking about and have not had that problem. No weird after smell or taste after removing the polish. I’m pretty sure that you won’t be able to peel it off if you wear it alone as a clear coat. It applies nice and thin.
      Good luck! Let me know how you like it!

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