My Daily Routine: SUMMER EDITION

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My Daily Routine: SUMMER EDITION


My Daily Routine: SUMMER Must-Have’s ..

Moisturizers, Nail Files, Cuticle Oil & More!

Hey there girls & guys!

So… everyone has some sort of daily routine when prepping themselves for the day, right?!  Today I thought I’d share with you some of my “Musts” that i just can’t live without… especially in the summer!

Here’s the products I just can’t live without and use on the daily.

A. Crystal Nail File – The best type of nail file to have…. way better than your average emery nail file.  Why, you may ask?  Well it’s simple…. You can file your nails in both directions without worrying about a tear or a rip!
With your average nail file, professionals recommend filing your nails in 1 direction only, to prevent nail tears.  This is due to the abrasive texture of a wooden emery file.  But with a glass crystal file, you don’t need to worry about it ’cause a glass file has a smoother, more even surface that won’t splinter the nail like a wooden or metal nail file.  Another additional bonus about a glass file is that it’s re-usable for almost ever!  Just take care that you don’t break it!  Other than that you can sterilize it & wash it with any temperature water with soap and re-use as many times as needed.  I highly recommend picking up a glass, crystal file.  It’s just one item I can’t live without!

B. CND Solar Oil
All i can say is … hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Your nails will thank you.. TRUST ME!   Any kind of oil is great for your nails… I happen to use Solar Oil by CND and occassionally mix a few garlic pearls and vitamin e gels in with it…. apply it to my nails daily.. and even over my natural nail manicure.  If you wear gel polish… this is a MUST!  It’s so important to keep your nails hydrated and applying oil to your cuticles and under your nails will do the trick.

C. Perfume: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf
One of my favorite scents!  Clearly it’s time for a new bottle… 😉

Another go-2 perfume that’s not in the picture above ’cause I ran out is Pink Sugar!  You can buy this at Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom & even Sephora…. another sweet scent I love wearing all year round!

Pink Sugar

D: Moisturizer:  Jergens Ultra Healing Cream
My favorite moisturizer… I use it on the daily during the summer & the winter.  It’s not oily and leaves my skin soft and smooth.


Soothing Therapy Herbal Salt Scrub:  Tangerine

Exfoliate!  This is definitely one item I can’t live without! During the summer I have a tendency to worship the sun… regardless of my sunscreen levels I tend to tan very easily… So after every tanning session… or even in between the week I like to use an exfoliate all over my body to get rid of the dead skin cells, moisturize, rehydrate  & renew my skin.

I found this product in Whole Foods and have pretty much been religiously using it all summer long!  It comes in a variety of scents, I just happen to like the tangerine flavor shown below.

You can also purchase this product from Supplement Warehouse for a discounted price!  Click Here.


All of us have suffered through a sunburn at least once in our lives…. well i found a great trick that will most definitely relieve the burn and reduce the redness and the pealing.
Liquid Lanolin
Aloe Vera

A dime size of liquid lanolin oil mixed with some store bought aloe.  (i refrigerate my aloe which feels great on burnt skin)  Mix the two and apply it all over your body.  The lanolin is thick and mixed with the liquid gel like aloe creates a white cream which will soothe and heal your burn quicker than just regular moisturizer.  In the beginning of the summer i got really burnt on my back…. (prepping the pool for the summer I forgot to put sunscreen on my back… needless to say I was a lobster by the end of the day)  I tried this home remedy out and not only did it heal my burn but turned it into a gorgeous san tropez tan!  Mind you… I applied this liberally in the morning and at night right after the shower…. It feels a lil’ sticky but your body will absorb it quick and thank you later!

I picked up the liquid lanolin at a local natural health food store.  And well the Aloe Vera…. came from Walgreens… but any store bought aloe will work fine.



I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my summer must-have’s!  All of the items mentioned in this post were purchased by me.  If you have any questions or any products that you’d love to share that you just can’t live without during these hot summer months I’d love to hear from you!  Please share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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