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himalayan candle

Hey guys,
So, today’s post has nothing to do with nails, but everything to do with DIY crafts.
I’ve never considered myself to be a “crafty” type… but through the years i’ve evolved and so turns out that i am a bit of a “crafty” gal.  Ha!  I’ve always been the type to want to know how things are constructed and made.  The thought even crossed my mind to make my own nail polish at one point.  I did a bit of research and decided that i’ll leave that one to the pro’s.  🙂

Over the holiday’s my sister sent me the most unique wood tray candle from himalayan trading post company. (pic above) The scent was Mistletoe and it was hands down the most fragrant candle i have ever owned.  The wax felt like butter and melted so evenly.  The highest quality candle i have ever experienced.

Over the weekend i noticed my favorite candle was almost at it’s last burn.  Instead of buying a replacement, which probably would have been the easy route… I decided to google “how to make home-made candles” and there leads me to this post.
I watched 3 you-tube videos, one of which the girl was hilarious… and by the end of her project she was completely burnt out and threw in the towel.  The 2nd & 3rd videos, were definitely more informative and I learned the basics and few tips on tackling the candle making task.

One of the girls suggested to start with purchasing a “candle making kit” at a local craft supply store.  She suggested Hobby Lobby or Michaels, so i went with Hobby Lobby and picked up a natural Soy Candle Making Kit from Country Lane Candle Supplies  They were having a 30% off sale so i picked up the kit for around $22!

Included in this kit were

  • 4 tea light cups
  • 6 wicks
  • 14oz of soy wax
  • 1/2 ounce fragrance Pearberry
  • Green Color Square
  • 7oz jar with lid
  • 1 votive
  • Re-useable pouring pot

Things i needed which i actually had at home were a pot holder & a thermometer.
The instructions are fairly simple, so i wont go into too much detail but to say it was really easy to do and I actually ended up making my own fragrance instead of using the one included in the kit and it turned out great!

tea light candles

home made soy candle


Here’s a great video that helped me before i started my candle making adventure.

After i made my candles i really enjoyed the project and decided to tackle removing the remnant wax from my favorite himalayan wood tray candle.

The wax is so soft that it was easy to scrape it away and of course i saved it because it’s so fragrant that i thought i might be able to re-use it.

The cool part of this candle is that it’s solid wood tray.  There were 4 wicks attached with wax to this metal sheet and the metal sheet was attached to the base of the tray with wax.  Then the wax was poured over the top to seal it all in and create this amazing 4 wick candle.
himalayan candle tray

With some warm water any remaining soy wax easily melted away.

himalayan candle tray

I was left with this beautiful wooden tray than can be used for all sorts of cool decorations.

himalayan candle tray

Of course my plan is to try and recreate the candle again with some new wicks and new wax, so i saved the metal sheet.  I will assume the purpose of the metal sheet is to keep a layer between the burning flame and the wood.  Wood is a porous material and if the flame came in contact with it the entire tray would catch on fire.  So the metal sheet acts as a separator between the wick and the flame. Just a hunch. 😉

himalayan candle tray

This leads me to my next topic…. Re-using old votives and candle holders.
Once i realized how simple it was to clean up this tray i decided to collect all of my old votives and re-vamp them.

For those of you who haven’t discovered the majestic properties of an InstaPot… well, you need to!  Not only do they cook everything in a matter of minutes… the new InstaPots have various settings for rice, veggies, slow-cook sanitize and even sauté!  I absolutely love mine!!
I’ll also add to the list… candle votive cleaning!

Simply add some water to your InstaPot, add your votives and select the sauté button for a few minutes.  With the lid off you’ll see that the pot heats up fairly quick and your wax will loosen immediately.

cleaning votives
insta pot

Once you see that the wax is loose just hit cancel and remove each votive (careful to not burn your hands… the glass will be hot) pour the excess wax out in a garbage can and wipe the inside with a paper towel.  If the wax starts to dry too fast just dip the votive in the hot instapot water to loosen and continue cleaning or run it under warm water in your sink… JUST DON’T BURN YOUR HANDS!!!

cleaning wax votives


Totally Worth It!
Look how clean my votives are!  Ready for my next candle making project!

clean votives

Onto my next topic… a few tips on making your own candles.

I decided to re-heat some of the extra wax from my himilayan mistletoe candle and add it to one of my votives.  As you see, there’s some left over soot from the candle.  Now you might be saying to yourself… why save the wax?
Well if it didn’t smell so good hot or cold i would’ve thrown it away.  But the fragrance is so pungent even when it’s not lit, I wanted to keep it. (That’s how awesome this Mistletoe candle is)himalayan candle wax

I melted the wax in the pouring pot on my stove in another pot with water.  (A “make-shift” double boiler) and added one of the color blocks that came with my candle making kit to disguise the black soot.

melting wax

Added 2 color blocks…

adding color wax

insert wick

While i let my wax cool a bit, prepped my votive.
Some use a stick tack or a hot glue gun to secure their wicks to their candle base.  I prefer to keep my candle 100% natural and free from chemicals.  So i melted a small taper candle i had laying around and used a few drops of the wax to secure my wick.
melting wax wick
wick votive

Next i took whatever was laying around… happened to have 2 chopsticks (you could use pencils or straws too) tied each end with a rubber band to keep my wick in place when i poured in the wax.

holding wick

pouring wax

and the final result…
A perfect new votive… a little early for st. patricks day, but hey it’ll work! haha!

home made soy candle

I’ll wait a day before lighting it, just to let the wax set for 24 hours.  🙂
Enjoying this process i decided to pick up some Coconut Wax online and some fragrances, essential oils and wicks and refresh a few of my other votives.  Bye, bye Yankee Candle…. here come The Trendy Candle Co.!  Who knows… maybe if they turn out really well and smell just as good as my Himalayan Candle then maybe i’ll sell them online.  Keep you posted!

Until then…here’s a few links for the products i purchased.
Essential Oils
Candle Wicks
Candle Holders
Coconut Candle Wax – 100% NATURAL!!!
Candle Labels
Candle Warning Labels

One suggestion i have is buying everything through amazon.  If you can save on shipping do it!  Most of these companies charge almost 50%-110% freight for UPS or Fed Ex Ground.  It’s a complete rip off!  Northwood Distributing where i bought my Coconut Candle Wax offers Free shipping on some of their wax.  Although it’s may be seem a bit pricier, I am assuming the quality is top notch, which is why i went with them.  I really want to find a candle wax that feels like butter and burns 90% free of the edges.  We shall see if this wax is the one!

You can also find all natural Soy Wax on Amazon

I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know if you’ve ever attempted making home-made soy candles or are interested in trying it.  The best part about making your own candles is you can create your own scents and not pay a fortune for fancy designer candles!

(photo credits: Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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