Comparing Shades: Choosing The Right Holiday Red

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Comparing Shades: Choosing The Right Holiday Red


Hey there nail enthusiasts!
Over Thanksgiving my mom was asking me her usual question… Are there any new red polishes i’d suggest she try?
So i decided to try a few on her to compare and thought it’d be great to show you all in case you’re asking yourself the same question!
Just so you know.. Ever since my mom laid eyes on Twin Sweater Set by Essie it’s been her GO-2 shade.  I think it’s going on 2+ years now.  Creature of habit, I suppose!  haha 😉

Anywhoooo… I decided to give her two different shade options with the hopes she’d try something new.  The first were the three below which are deeper and richer reds.  Twin Sweater Set vs. Shall We Challet and Janel by Zoya.
After that I showed her a brighter and cleaner set of reds.  Take a look below at the comparisons!

My first suggestion was Shall We Challet a new red by Essie for 2015 & Janel by Zoya.  As you see below they’re all fairly similar.  Janel would be the brightest of the three, but still remaining on the deeper side.  All three are warm tone reds, & i would suggest any of the three.

Twin Sweater Set is definitely the deepest of the three.  But I really like Shall We Challet & Janel as alternatives.

Each have 2 coats and they were all quickly painted on without a top coat.  So please excuse the unfinished looks, they were simply for shade comparisons. 🙂

holiday Red - Twin-Sweater-Set-Shall-We-Challet-Janet

Then i decided to give her a completely new option to try.  Something a bit brighter and cleaner then the three above.

Hannah by Zoya and Chilly Pepper by KBShimmer

Both are great alternatives if you’re looking to wear a brighter red this season.   Although she felt like she would wear these in the spring, I would say they’re booth all season colors!

Holiday Red Hannah-Zoya-Chilly-Pepper-KBShimmer

A week after Thanksgiving i decided to ask my mom which shade she went with after she visited her weekly manicurist?……  here answer…. drum-roll please…… TWIN SWEATER SET!  😮  LOL!

What’s your vote?  Which is your favorite red during the holiday season and winter months?

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