Ever wonder what’s the difference  between one nail polish to the next?

I was recently asked to compare the new PixieDust Tomoko a Neutral Textured Nail Lacquer by Zoya to OPI’s Liquid Sand Solitaire a Snow White textured Nail Lacquer… and so i did.  But then I decided to take it a step further and compare a few more shades just so you can see the difference.

Comparing Neutrals

Godiva - PixieDust
The only color that I’m missing out of the group is Godiva – PixieDust Zoya

From the looks of Godiva it appears to have a warm, creamy beige tone to it.  (Almost nude w/ sparkle) Where as Tomoko & Honey Ryder have a champagne, honey finish with a cooler tone.

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Here’s what I did.. I grouped together the polishes by shade.  I excluded the top coats for all, even the non-textured polishes (Essie & Morgan Taylor) just to save time.  Each finger has 2 coats except for Honey Ryder and Solitaire which only needed 1.

Tomoko –  PixieDust Zoya– Textured Champagne Neutral with a sugar sparkle finish
Honey Ryder –  Liquid Sand OPI – Textured Neutral (close in color to  Tomoko, just a shade darker)

Solitaire –  Liquid Sand OPI– Textured Matte Snow White with a hint of sparkle.

My favorite out of the 3 above would have to be #1 Tomoko , #2 Solitaire & #3 Honey Ryder  
I like how Tomoko has a super sparkly, soft finish and the color doesn’t fade.  Solitaire is a great soft white …perfect for all seasons!  I can’t wait for the holidays… I’ll have to try a red tip with that one for sure!  Honey Ryder is also a really pretty textured polish… but it lacks the sparkle that the other two have.   Which is why it’s last on my list.

Time to Shine – Morgan Taylor – Silver Glitter Polish.(fine glitter jelly)  This polish is much more glitter than your average glitter polish.  With 2 coats you have a complete diamond looking nail!
Beyond Cozy – Essie  Silver Glitter Polish (super fine metallic/glitter).  This polish has a very condensed metallic glitter consistency and with each brush stroke you don’t see any clear like you may with the Morgan Taylor.  It glides on with full glitter sparkle coverage after the 1st coat.

I love both Morgan Taylor Time to Shine and Essie’s Beyond Cozy.  I can’t even pick which one I like better because they both make your nails look like they’re covered in diamond bling!


Here’s some convenient shopping links for those of you who want to splurge and pick up some new summer crystal shades!


Tomoko –  PixieDusZoyaZoya.com $9
Honey Ryder –  Liquid Sand OPI – Amazon $2.30-$5

Solitaire –  Liquid Sand OPIAmazon $2.22-$8

Time to Shine – Morgan Taylor – Amazon $6.99
Beyond Cozy – Essie  Amazon $3.85-$6 , CVS $8

Godiva – PixieDust Zoya-  Zoya.com $9

Most Essie shades are available for purchase at Walmart, CVS and of course Amazon.com  Morgan Taylor products can be  found on Amazon.com and many local nail salons.
Zoya products can be purchased online through Zoya.com

Hope this guide helps!  Let me know if you have any questions about the polishes mentioned or just want to say HI!  😉

 Disclosure:  All of the polish mentioned in this post was purchased by me excluding the Zoya products which were provided by the manufacturer.  For further details visit my disclosure page.
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