#ColorCurators: Makeup By Rose XOXO Nail Art

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Puffin- Formula X

#ColorCurators: Makeup By Rose XOXO Nail Art

Formula X MakeupbyRose Animal Print

Hey there nail enthusiasts!

Here’s an easy 3 step tutorial using the latest colors from Sephora’s Formula X August #colorcurators Editon Makeup by Rose XOXO .  To read more about the Makeup by Rose XOXO collection click here.

This design is extremely easy to do.  You almost don’t need any special tools.
Here’s what you’ll need to get these trendy nails:

The Tools


Clear Top Coat Options

Keep in mind the three colors shown below are limited edition and will only be available for a short time.  I would suggest picking up these shades now before they run out.  They don’t streak and wear really well!

Each color is $12.50 per polish at Sephora and SEPHORA inside J.C. Penney stores, by calling 1-877-SEPHORA or by logging on to Sephora.com via computer or smartphone.  VERY LIMITED EDITION — Available throughout the month of August!  Check online or in your local store for availability after August.

Lets get started!

Step 1:  After applying a base coat to your nails apply 1 coat of Puffin! to all of your nails.

Step 1 - Formula X Animal Print
Step 2:  Using a dusty rose or  Mahhvelous by Formula X – MakeupbyRose XOXO apply a few irregular shape dots on the sides of your nails.

Step 2 Formula X Animal Print

Step 3:  Lastly using a thin short striping brush add a few irregular half round shapes around the edges of the rose color dots using your dark burgundy chocolate Acoustic Dreams.  Try and keep these uneven and if there’s room add one or two random dots on the sides.

Step 3 Formula X Animal Print

As i continue my search for a really good clear top coat, I decided to experiment with a special UV top Coat by HK Girl.  This definitely worked and lasted me 6 whole days which included some major training sessions.    If you decide you want to try this method you’ll need to pick up a UV/LED lamp.  Why I suggest a dual lamp is that you might as well have the option of both in case you decide to try an at home gel polish manicure which mostly cure via LED.
LED cure time – 1 min.  vs. U/V cure time – 3 min.
I have yet to find an LED top coat that can be used with a natural nail polish without creating bubbles or weird chips after a day or two.  Which is why I tried the UV top Coat by HK Girl.

A few other options are trying these natural shiny clear dry fast top coats:

HK Girl

Here’s a closer look at Mahhvelous Rose.  Now I know why it seems to be sold out online!  It’s a great shade that doesn’t streak!  I would definitely stop by your local Sephora to see if it’s still in stock.  $12.50 / bottle


MakeupbyRose Mahhvelous Rose

(photo credits: Holly for thetrendynail.com)
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