CND VinyLux French Manicure

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CND VinyLux French Manicure


Since my last post reviewing my collection of CND Vinylux Weekly Polishes I’ve been asked by readers as to which color I would recommend for a pink and white french manicure.

I decided to take pics of my latest french mani using Negligee for my base and Studio White for my tip.
If you’re looking for a sheer base I highly recommend using negligee.  It’s extremely sheer but it has a hint of pink opalescence to it and when you catch it in the light it adds a subtle pink tone to your nails.  I absolutely love it!

If you’re looking for a natural base without any pink then Lavishly Loved would be your pick.  From the appearance in the bottle Lavishly Loved looks like a creamy pink but in fact it goes on transparent.  (I dont’ have any photos of a french with Lavishly Loved but I can put one up sometime soon)

One tip I’d like to add.  If you want an extra shiny finish, then add 2 coats of the Vinylux Clear Top Coat.  One coat just won’t cut it.  Especially if you’re used to using Seche Vite.
Here’s a few more pics of my nails.  All of these shots were taken indoors.

French Manicure using CND Vinylux

(The opal pink undertone was captured in this shot.  This was used with a flash)

(The first photo and last photo were used without a flash)

Shopping Links

Sheer Pink Base – Vinylux $3.79

Natural – Transparent Base – Vinylux Lavishly Loved – $3-$7

White Tip – Vinylux Studio White $5.10

7 Day Vinylux Top Coat $2.18


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Try it out and let me know your thoughts!



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  1. Holly says:

    I don’t claim im an expert, don’t make the formula & didn’t have the same outcome as you. Sorry you had such a poor experience. I still stand by the product and my review, which was focused on the base color and not the white tip color.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I purchased the studio white, the negligee and the top coat based on your recommendation. The studio white is WAY too sheer to work as a french manicure tip. Even three coats and it didn’t look white. Don’t know why I took advice from a random person with a blog on the internet, out $7.00
    Thanks for nothiing

    • Holly says:

      Ps.. I just tried the Studio White again to see if I had the same problems. It most definitely is a softer white but is also fine to be used as a tip for a french. If you’re used to using Alpine Snow from OPI or even Azature Faint White (which I swear by) then you will be dissapointed by the brightness. Its not as bright as a stark white polish and if thats what you were looking for then u might as well stick to OPI and use the CND Vinylux top coat over the top for the 7day wear.

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